Broadcast live video to a billion users using Mermaid P2P Products for free.

Mermaid P2P products enable free speech and will change the way society evolves. Imagine no central control or monitoring and a worldwide reach for free.
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March 29, 2008 - PRLog --

Traditional Client/Server based multimedia software systems are expensive to create and maintain. It costs over a billion dollars every month to serve videos to a billion people around the globe. Video sharing websites are a proof of that, and are still reeling under heavy infrastructure costs. If YouTube served 3 min. video clips to 100m users everyday in 2006 costing $1.2m per month, it would cost $5.8 billion per month to serve 24 hour TV to a billion users. The world population is more than that, and certainly this price tag is limiting internet television and global multimedia applications.

MetaASO believes that a solution to an economical worldwide multimedia broadcast system can be based on Peer To Peer (P2P) software. Using the combined resources of the broadcaster and the receivers, it is very practical for a user to broadcast real-time audio/video/data to millions/billions of people globally, using just his/her home PC and a 256 kbps internet connection.

MetaASO Solutions, a startup based out of India, has released its Free Mermaid Product Line. It includes five products that operate over a P2P network catering to the needs of various audiences. These products are Mermaid Meeting, Mermaid News, Mermaid Webcam, Mermaid Movie, and Mermaid Multisource.

Mermaid Meeting is a P2P video conferencing software, that is capable of voice, text, video and desktop sharing.

Mermaid News is a P2P information exchange system that brings multiple readers and experts of a particular interest, together onto a common network. Any news published on the common network by an expert reaches every reader instantly, rather than making the reader search and poll the news from RSS or websites.

Mermaid Multisource and Mermaid Webcam are software capable of LIVE audio/video broadcast through sources including Desktop-Screen, TV-Tuner cards, Webcams, Handy-Cams, and Radio cards.

Mermaid Movie is a revolutionary product that allows users to broadcast movies to millions of users globally.

The Mermaid Suite works on LANs and Internet alike without any modifications, though it needs an ipv6 address to broadcast on a global level.

Most P2P softwares have been at the receiving end of critics and debates, and are often regarded as illegal file sharing tools. This outlook is naïve at best because the same technology if used to address the real time communication needs of the world can provide regular users with an economical and reliable method to communicate with other users around the globe in a one-to-one, many-to-many, or one-to-world-wide-broadcast fashion.

When the internet was born every computer was connected to every other computer. As the internet evolved it transformed into a system where some systems were at the center, controlling and routing everything, and providing services to the rest. And the internet became a mess of NAT’s/ Router’s/ Proxy’s. This is known to be uneconomical and infeasible for global scale applications. The P2P v2.0 technology levels the playing field and puts the power in the hands of the citizens to use a decentralized worldwide multimedia communications platform for free.
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