Land Banking-Use The Secret Of The Super-Rich To Plan A Secure Future

Avoid the coming retirement crisis by investing in pre-developed land
By: Wayne Zickefoose /
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Irvine - California - US

March 26, 2008 - PRLog -- is a new company based in Irvine California devoted to helping people avoid the looming retirement crisis. Retiring baby boomers will soon put a strain on the Social Security system at an unprecedented level. The average retiree now receives $1,258 a month with an inevitable crisis coming in 2017 when more money will be paid out than will be collected. is helping people plan for a secure future by investing retirement funds in pre-developed land.

Land Banking was a real estate acquisition strategy traditionally reserved only for the super rich and is the strategy of buying and holding pre-developed land, in the path of growth, for future sale. The key is to identify these parcels well in advance, wait for their values to mature, and realize a significant profit upon the sale. This is the secret that only two percent of investors know. California is growing by six hundred thousand people per year and half of that growth is coming to Southern California. There is always a path of growth in California and now is an excellent buying opportunity.

Land has created more millionaires than the stock market. Historically, developed Real Estate and the stock market have not appreciated at nearly the rate of pre-developed land in the path of growth of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Thirty years ago you could have purchased a typical house in Southern California for $25,000. Today that house is worth between $500,000 and $700,000, depending on location. If you had invested that same amount in the stock market, today it would be worth less than your house. Yet if you had gone three to five miles, in any direction, outside of the Los Angeles Metro area, you could have purchased three acres of land for $8,000 per acre. Today that land would be worth $7 ½ M to $15 M, depending on location. This is the power of land banking.

A group of investors can pool their funds, as little as $10,000 each, to purchase larger parcels making the property more attractive to developers in the future. Now with the ability to roll your IRA, 401(k) and other retirement funds into pre-developed land, the door is open for individuals to take advantage of this stable and lucrative investment. This opportunity is open to everyone who is at least five years away from retirement, and is not limited to residents of California only. Many people do not have the time or expertise to buy land themselves, especially in a Self-Directed IRA, but this is where can help.

Wayne Zickefoose, founder of, has an MBA from the University of Southern California, has studied the stock market for 21 years, and is a Land Banking expert in the Southern California area. Upon discovering the power of Land Banking, he gave up on the frustrating, volatile, uncertain stock market. You may contact him at TWOPERCENTSECRET.COM.


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