10 Tips For A Memorable Wedding Proposal

March 20th is wedding proposal day. Let Chef Robert and his wife Barb, relationship experts on Get Married Television help you plan the perfect wedding proposal.
March 12, 2008 - PRLog -- Romantic cookbook authors share suggestions for proposing to your future partner. March 20th is proposal day.

Relationship experts Robert and Barb Catherine share romantic tips that will make your proposal to your future partner a day to remember.

1.   Have a plan. A good plan will reduce the stress.
2.   Decide if you want to pick out the ring together or will it be a surprise. Know your partner. Some people are very particular about the type of ring. The size of the hand, shape etc. will determine what is best for that person both in style and functionality.
3.   How much you are going to spend? There are many different things that you should consider. After you purchase the ring how much is it going to cost to insure. If you buy an expensive ring most home insurance policies cover up to a certain amount. You want to make sure you can protect your investment. Find out from an insurance company what it will cost.
4.   Pick a jeweler with a great reputation. The ring is an expensive investment.
5.   What, When, Where and How. Think about what the other person likes and would appreciate. This is not about what you like. Plan with the other person in mind.
6.   Who do you want to be there? Maybe just the two of you. Maybe you want your friends in on it. Remember the more people you share the plan with, the more complicated it will be to keep the secret.
7.   Do you want pictures of this special occasion? It is great to rely on friends and family to take pictures. But a professional photographer will know exactly what pictures to take and when to take them. They are easy to find and make sure you see their work. Wedding photographers will probably be your best bet.
8.   What about the parents? I asked my wife’s father if I could marry her. (European Family). When I asked he said “why are you asking me” but later said to my Mother in Law it was nice I asked. So decide what your situation is.
9.   Location, location, location. Pick a spot to pop the question that will work. Not all places will be good for this.
10.   Have fun. Make it a day to remember for both of you.

Chef Robert and His Wife Barb are authors of Chef Robert Presents Romantic Dinners For Two cookbook and Instructional DVD.

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