New Muscular Dystrophy stem cell therapy provides hope

Abandoned by conventional medicine, a 42 year old woman and her family received stem cell therapy from Dr. Omar Gonzalez.. Their improvements are very encouraging and show great promise.
Feb. 19, 2008 - PRLog -- Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a group of genetic diseases involving progressive weakness and degeneration of the muscles that control movement. In some forms of MD, the heart muscles and other involuntary muscles, as well as other organs, are also affected. There are nine distinct types of MD. Myotonic MD is the most common form among adults, while Duchenne MD is the most common form among children (it affects only boys). MD is an incurable, often fatal disease.

Signs and Symptoms
Myotonic muscular dystrophy (which affects adults) is accompanied by the following signs and symptoms:
·   Delayed muscle relaxation after contraction
·   Impaired nourishment of non-muscular tissue
·   Weaknesses in the facial muscles, arms and legs, and muscles affecting speech and swallowing
·   Baldness in men and women
·   Intellectual impairment
·   Respiratory problems
·   Heart abnormalities in early adulthood
Although Duchenne MD is present at birth, signs and symptoms do not usually appear until the child is 3 - 5 years of age. They include the following.
·   Frequent falls
·   Difficulty running, jumping, and getting up from a sitting or lying-down position
·   Large calf muscles
·   Weakness in the lower extremities
·   Mild mental retardation
Breathing difficulties and a chronic disorder of heart muscles develop during adolescence, usually after the individual becomes wheelchair-bound.

Alice is 42 years old and has had MD since she was 7 or 8.  She started having muscle problems and at the age of 19 or 20, struggled to walk and finally a wheel chair was welcomed.

Alice found the Integrative Medicine Clinic and Dr. Omar Gonzalez in May of 2007 and decided to pursue this treatment.  Alice had been suffering with very weak lungs and had quite a few bouts in and out of the hospital.  She wasn’t improving and the medicine caused asthma and pain attacks.

Alice finally visited the clinic and received stem cells.  Since then she has gotten progressively better and stronger.  Her lungs have improved a lot.  When she first visited she could not expectorate mucous and bacteria especially from the right lung.  Alice no longer takes any medicine for this condition other than vitamins.  She feels so much better, stronger and looks good.  She has gained weight, her face is fuller and her color has come back. Also, her circulation has improved.  Before receiving stem cells she was too weak to exercise but can now exercise as part of her daily routine and is able to make crafts which helps support her.  She hasn’t been to the hospital once since her stem cell treatment.

Alice is very optimistic that she will continue to get stronger and has a goal of walking again.  She feels grateful for all of the support she received from the Integrative Medicine Clinic, Dr. Omar Gonzalez and his staff, They continue to check her progress.        

Alice’s brother Clarence also suffers with Limb Girdle MD.  He was also around 7 years old when he started to have symptoms.  At 14 years of age the weakness became much more severe and around 18 years old he started loosing muscle mass.  He became so thin he was literally skin over bone.  After taking only one stem cell treatment he has gained 8 pounds, his arms are gaining mass, his face is fuller, he is experiencing more energy, he feels stronger and his sense of balance has improved.  His appetite has improved and his digestion is much better.

Clarence can still climb the stairs in his home with some help.  His goal is to get stronger and stronger and get back to running again.  He and Alice will be taking a second round of stem cells in the fall and we will continue to report their progress.

Alice and Clarence’s mother also received stem cells from Dr. Omar Gonzalez.  She is 71 and was also starting to slow down.  She had pain in her shoulders, bad circulation and her foot was always cold.  She now has no pain in the shoulders, her circulation has improved and her energy is really good.

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