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Feb. 12, 2008 - PRLog -- If Madonna had her own positive pack that would teach her fans how to achieve their own individual dreams, just how many packs do you think Madonna would sell? Millions! Then why is it that successful artists like Madonna do not create their own positive packs for others to learn and benefit from?
Breaking Free Industries (BFA) was formulated to solve this very dilemma. BFI owner and recording artist David Adams wanted to deliver commercial pop music with a unique edge. He wanted music that inspires and uplifts people, yet timely to the contemporary music scene. Adams wanted his lyrics to be powerfully positive – that all those who hear it will be motivated to seek out their dreams and achieve them.  
This special breaking free pack was designed and created by Adams himself, and contains a great positive driving force within. This positivity is guaranteed to give its listeners enlightenment like never before. This pack is not didactic. Rather, it encourages listeners to participate actively in the process of acquiring their goals.  
The pack contains the David Adams album; the David Adams book titled I’m Breaking Free; 12 affirmation cards (when used can be extremely powerful and life-changing,) a disk that contains software that will e-connect you with your own one-on-one motivator; a BFI cap; a BFI T-shirt; and a BFI mug. All these are in the BFI special pack, and it is guaranteed to release you from stress and anxiety; from bad feelings and worry. It will give you confidence and hope to go after those long sought after goals.  
The BFI pack was created by David Adams to help release you from your negativity. Adams’ message of hope will give you the confidence you need to take on the challenges of life.
This concept of hope-in-a-pack is relatively new, but a powerful one at that. It combines the power of commercial pop music and provocative lyrics that will help release you from your fears. It will help instill positivity in you so that the attainment of your dreams seems only one song away.  
David Adams, in his own words said, “I feel that many of us lose our dreams and hopes because the people around us do not believe in those dreams like we do. I believe that we are all special, and that we all excel in one talent or skill or interest more than the others. Those talents or skills or interests define us and can help change our lives forever. My talent is writing and performing songs with positive messages. I have studied the power of the mind and how to tap into the source of a person’s being. I have learned how to bring out the best in a person by focusing that power his or her own dreams.”
“Yes,” continues Adams, “I want my music heard, to be successful in the music industry. But more importantly, I created this album for those who have lost hope in life, for those who struggled with the daily grind, for those who needed encouragement to go on. My album is for those who need guidance and support. This is why the title of my album is Your Life My Music Our Story. When you listen carefully to the lyrics of my songs, you will feel a connection not only to me, but to the people around you. I truly hope to send out a clear message to my listeners that our tomorrows can always change, and our dreams should never die.”
To learn more about BFI; or to listen to samples of David Adams’ music; or to see BFI products, you can log on to www.imbreakingfree.com and www.davidadamsproject.com

Website: www.imbreakingfree.com

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