Become An Independent Loan Agent

The article below tells you in detail of how to become a licensed loan agent with minimum experience through a very unique financial organization. It also shows existing real estate agents how to double their income by processing their own loans.
Feb. 8, 2008 - PRLog -- I am a licensed loan agent who works independently from my home office. I am equipped to originate residential loans such as refinance, purchase, and new construction. This opportunity is so great, it wouldn't be right for me to keep it all to myself. This is not a job offer, because if it were, that would mean you would be only making a limited income and still have to report to a boss. As an independent loan specialist, you would be in charge of your time and money, and the income potential is unlimited.

I am able to offer financial services to the public through a parent company called World Leadership Group (WLG). World Leadership Group has three other fully functioning companies within its organization, which are Global Equity Lending (GEL), Global Realty Marketing (GRM), and Financial Leadership Advisors (FLA).

To you real estate agents, are you having all your new home purchase loans processed through some other lender? Why are you still making them money? Think of the money you could be making on top of what you are already making if you were processing your own loans. As a loan agent of Global Equity Lending you would be able to accomplish this. Also as a real estate agent, Global Realty Marketing might be of interest to you. Go to and view > Take Your Real Estate Business to a Whole New Level Presentation. There you can learn more about GRM.

Global Equity Lending has over 100 different loan programs for each loan specialist to offer their clients. There are steps you will need to take if you are interested in becoming a mortgage loan specialist of GEL. The initial sign up fee is the same for each company listed (WLG, GEL, GRM, & FLA).

1. You will need to join World Leadership Group. Upon joining, you will be assigned an agent code. There is a one time non-refundable start up fee of $150 to join WLG.

2. Next you will need to join Global Equity Lending. There is also another one time non-refundable start up fee of $150 to join GEL.

3. Your next step would be to get licensed to originate mortgage loans under the state licensing requirements for the state you reside in. All of this can be taken care of through Global Equity Lending. Your licensing fee is sent to GEL and they, in turn, will send it to your State Licensing Department of Financial Institutions. Each state has their own licensing requirements and fees set forth. In the state I live in, which is Tennessee, the fee is $100 a year.

4. After you have taken care of licensing, you will need to complete your online training, which can be done from the WLG website.

When filling out the sign up application, you will be asked who told you of this unique opportunity. You will need to type in my name (Veronica Sain) and agent code (BI2718). I'll be here to help and motivate you through every step. You can contact me at (731) 934-9453 or Now it is up to you to take the first step in becoming your own boss and to do this go to To view WLG's online presentation, click on The Opportunity, then click on The Greatest Economic Story Of Our Lifetime Presentation. No prior experience is required.


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