Epic Tale Of The Fall And Rise Of Mankind Comes To Life In New Multimedia Movie Project.

Today Patrick Lawrence announced the release of the first two "Video Pages" of his new serialized multimedia movie, “Heaven: The Fall And Rise Of Mankind.”
Feb. 4, 2008 - PRLog -- "Some people have said I am nuts for doing a project like this on my own without a budget, but sometimes you have to follow your dreams," stated Patrick, director and sole staff member of the project. "I’m working with very limited budget, and I think ‘Heaven’ shows what can be done now with the latest technologies and how they are democratizing entertainment."

The “Heaven” multimedia movie tells the epic story of the fall of Lucifer and mankind and the long path to final redemption of the human race. This story is played out over the great canvas of human history. And to tell this amazing Biblical story, Patrick is using a hybrid multimedia movie combining aspects of film and graphic novels, etc., into one project. It’s based on the concept of "video pages" and "audio pages." Video pages are basicly short videos, and audio pages combine grapic novel style images with an audio soundtrack. The project will also be released in serialized form for free on the website http://www.theheavenmovie.com.

Key Features:

>High-quality full-screen SD video.

>Free viewing and download of the video files in the popular DivX format.

>Video can be played back on most DivX compatible devices.

>Stunning symphony orchestra soundtrack.

>Narration by respected English Shakespearean theater actor Barry Boys.

>Epic story that stays true to Biblical sources.

>Advanced special effects and animation.

Website: www.theheavenmovie.com/

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