Terracyle Introduces Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaner

Introducing an EPA recognized Drain Cleaner which is non-toxic and is packaged in 100% recycled packaging. The Cleaner will be available as the Eco-Options line at Home Depot. It will carry The Home Depot Eco-Options seal on its label!
Jan. 29, 2008 - PRLog -- TerraCycle, Inc.
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TerraCycle introduces a new eco-friendly Drain Maintainer and Cleaner recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency
The newest member of The Home Depot Eco-Options Line is recognized by the EPA’s Design for the Environment Program

January 28th(Trenton, NJ): Finally, drains can be kept freely flowing without the toxic chemicals. TerraCycle, Inc. introduces an EPA recognized Drain Maintainer and Cleaner which is non-toxic and is packaged in 100% recycled packaging, creating a new level of eco-friendly drain cleaner. The new Maintainer and Cleaner will be available exclusively as part of the Eco-Options line at The Home Depot. It will be the first product to carry The Home Depot Eco-Options seal directly on its label!

The Environmental Protection Agency has given the formula for the new TerraCycle Drain Maintainer and Cleaner a DfE certification. DfE stands for Designed for the Environment, and is a voluntary program that is one of the EPA’s premier partnership programs specializing in the review of the health and environmental characteristics of different products.

The DfE stamp tells consumers that this product has been scrutinized for its effects on the environment and human health. The Zerofootprint Seal tells consumers that it is another ultimately eco-friendly TerraCycle product with virtually zero environmental footprint. The TerraCycle Drain Cleaner is made from all-natural microorganisms and the clog preventing bacteria will keep your drain cleaner, longer.

The drain cleaner market is relatively unregulated, which allows for many caustic and toxic chemicals to be used in the production of commercial drain cleaners. The DfE review group examines formulations to ensure their environmentally friendly compositions. The goal of the program is to identify products that are just as effective, while having a smaller impact on human health and the environment.

As part of its pledge to provide more eco-friendly products, TerraCycle is very proud to offer a Drain Maintainer and Cleaner with DfE recognition. This recognition means that the TerraCycle Drain Cleaner and Maintainer has met the EPA’s DfE challenge for biological drain line products by demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile. The Home Depot will be the first retailer to carry the TerraCycle Drain Maintainer and Cleaner. The product will launch in The Home Depot March 2008.

TerraCycle is a company built on waste. All of TerraCycle’s products are made from and/or packaged in waste materials. TerraCycle runs four nationwide recycling fundraisers for schools and other community groups. The programs collect used 20 oz bottles, used drink pouches, used yogurt cups and used energy bar wrapper and make donations to schools or charitable organizations in return. For more information or to sign up visit: www.terracycle.net/brigades.

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