Unknown Internet Marketer Flips The Giveaway Industry

Giveaway Announcer is a product unlike any other product ever introduced to the giveaway contributors crowd. It truly is the very first of it's kind.
Jan. 20, 2008 - PRLog -- Who is Guido Nussbaum, and what has he done now?

Guido Nussbaum is beginning to get quite the name for himself in the online marketing industry.  The programmer/marketer has been creating many new software programs in which marketers everywhere are finding extremely helpful to them.

Just a short time ago, Guido was virtually an unknown.  He has now been  hired by such well known marketers as Brad Smith, helping out people like Mark Hendricks and a host of others. His name is getting synonymous with great products being developed to aid and ease the technical and time consuming tasks often face by the online marketing community.

Guido Nussbaum was first hired by Brad Smith, the owner of the popular software Giveaway Manager.  Giveaway Manager is one of the leading software programs available to marketers for holding their own Giveaway Events.  Since Guido has been hired by Brad, there have been many, many advancements to the program which undoubtedly would have not been thought of if Guido and his creative mind hadn't of been involved.  The success of this has led Guido on the path to developing more incredible softwares.

Guido recently created a brand new program called Giveaway Announcer.

Giveaway Announcer is a product unlike any other product ever introduced to the giveaway contributors crowd.  It truly is the very first of it's kind.  Just like so many other products that come out with such a unique need in mind, were sure to see many clones sprouting up all over the internet.  Guido's Giveaway Announcer is the answer to many marketers needs for advertizing the various giveaway events.

Guido Nussbaum seen the need for such a program as he was struggling to stay up on the promotions of all of the different giveaway events in which he was listed as a contributor.  He also seen many other marketers struggle with the exact same thing.  Giveaway Announcer is the answer sought by many!

With Giveaway Announcer a person can advertise all the giveaway events in which he/she is involved using only one link.  Thus, cutting down valuable time in trying to promote them all separately.  This within itself is a very welcome tool to the online community.  Some have tried to advertize this way usuing Squidoo lenses and the like, but, there isn't anything that comes even remotely close to the flexibility and ease that comes with Giveaway Announcer.

Giveaway Announcer also incorpororates many advanced features to it's functions.  Some of them include being able to profit from your own One-Time-Offers, a built in autoresponder, automatic giveaway removal upon the expiration date, and many more...

For a complete introduction and more informtion on Guido Nussbaum and his newly created Giveaway Announcer please visit www.giveaway-announcer.com

Website: www.giveaway-announcer.com

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