The French Private Research on UFO phenomena starts the “Academy of Ufology”

A team of voluntary ufologists set up the basis of the “Academy of Ufology”, an association which claims to be an expert and independent assembly, gathering knowledge necessary to the exchange, the reflection and the analysis of the UFOs reports.
By: Jacky Kozan/Academy of Ufology
Jan. 10, 2008 - PRLog -- The role of the Academy of Ufology is to define the ufology in its scientific, technical, sociological and ethic parameters and to validate the work made either by its members or by outsiders. The academy aims to promote and organize the scientific and historical study of the ufology. Its objective is to become the qualified intermediary between the public in search of serious and reliable information and the ufologists working in the associations.

The Academy of Ufology has just validated for its internal use, a system of classification for the study of the UFOs, performed by Doctors Jacques Vallée and Allen Hynek. This system is already known and used by many private associations of ufologists worldwide. The academy currently works to define with precision the common and usual French word “ufologie”.

In order to judiciously advise the readers of ufology books, the academy decided to define a procedure of validation of those books. It will become a basic tool for the academy and will be a guarantee of serious for the public.

The Academy of Ufology is also composed of members who are professional but not ufologists. Their specialties are those required for the understanding of the UFO phenomenon. The needed specialties are numerous: physicists, astrophysicists, biologists, geologists, sociologists, data processing specialists, investigators, historians, technicians, etc…

To reach a total independence, the academy operates on the basis of voluntary work and has neither income, nor expense. Its active members do not have any personal expenses. The only counterpart for them is to offer to the academy a part of their time and their knowledge. The Academy of Ufology's operating agreement specifies that the exchanges and the deliberations will be spread out in time, over several weeks and will be done remotely by using the modern communication tools: telephone, Internet, etc… No displacement of people is necessary. Dedicated software allows voting on a specific page of the academy's Internet site.

The quantity and the quality of the international ufological news increase: publication on the web of the official French UFO files by the "CENTRE NATIONAL D'ETUDES SPATIALES" and by the British MINISTRY OF DEFENSE, the recent conference of Washington, an event widely reported in the media, which gathered together military and civilian pilots, military officers as well as policies, all witnesses of UFO phenomena.

Therefore, it is timely to set up an organization which will be a reference and which will be the qualified contact for the public and the media offering a guarantee of serious of the work done in the academy. As commitment of quality, the members of the Academy of Ufology must accept and respect a restrictive code of ethics. It is available on Internet at the following address:

If your knowledge and your interest for the UFO phenomenon enable you to work seriously and scientifically, you may join the Academy of Ufology of France whatever your nationality is. Just send a first e-mail to:


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