“La Fée Verte”: Storm goes for the dream and gets gold, or at least green.

This is a DVD review/press release which I think will be of interest to your readers. It is a review of the latest DVD film from JS Company Productions—a San Diego based movie studio.
Jan. 1, 2008 - PRLog -- Starring: Stephanie Swinscoe and Devin Umscheild

Director: James M. Storm

Studio: JS Company Productions

Rated: Not Rated

Running time: 12 minutes

It is eerily quiet. A bottle filled with steaming, glowing green liquid sits unassumingly on a tiny table in front of an audience of mystical green fairies. An ordinary man gazes wistfully out of a window in the midst of a torrential rain. He pauses, turns and sits upon an ornate cushion in front of the table. There, he methodically mixes water, the absinthe and a flaming sugar cube. As he sips his drink, his eyes caress the two dimensional images of fairies on the wall. He focuses on one fairy clad in a punk-rock inspired bikini and leg warmers. She embodies a contradictory sexuality and innocence. The drinker swallows another sip, breaking his gaze for a mere second; followed by a stark realization the fairy has left the poster on his wall. So begins the latest cinematic tour de force from James M. Storm, “La Fée Verte.”

Though the myth of the green fairy is not a new one, this particular telling is unique. The rich history of the myths surrounding absinthe and its past legal ban, coupled with its subsequent re-legalization this year makes this film poignant. Through this 12-minute experimental film, Storm utilizes the familiar myth of the green fairy to transform fantasy into reality, and then back into fantasy. He weaves a cyclical narrative in a cinema spectacle, without the spoken word, in the midst of a sound bite culture. The film is unexpected, predictable, shocking, strange and somehow simultaneously familiar.

This particular film is only the latest from San Diego-based, independent film studio, JS Company Productions, founded by director James M. Storm. Storm, 27, already has over 40 films under his belt, ranging from retellings of familiar adventure stories to artistic, experimental motifs and original action films. “La Fée Verte” is a whimsical departure from Storm’s usual action adventure films. JS Company Productions is not limited to any genre, however. The studio is a fully functioning multi media service, fully capable in videography, advertisement and commercials, student film, DVD and VHS duplication, 8mm transfer, and legal video. JS Company Productions is primarily comprised of: James M. Storm (founder, director, producer), Sean Sprigle (production manager), Larry Coppotelli (original music scores), Lara Harlow (Script Supervisor), Kris Asghazadeh (production assistance), Sebastian David (cinematography), Wes Donnalson (production crew), John Hagan (production crew), Rolando Issa (cinematography), Shane Pulido (production crew), and William Trafton III (assistant director). To order La Fée Verte, any other JS Company Productions film or services, contact the studio at: 858-513-4116, PO Box 502923, San Diego, CA 92150-2923, jsco@san.rr.com.

For more information contact CRYSTAL LANE SWIFT – PhD Candidate, Communication Studies, Louisiana State University, Correspondence to: crystallaneswift@hotmail.com

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About JS Company Productions:  J.S. Co. PRODUCTIONS is a fully functioning, independent multi media and film production studio. Created By James M. Storm and managed by a tight collaborative crew of artists and creators, the company has produced over 40 student films and countless commercial services.

Website: www.jscompanyproductions.com

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