Surgical Scalpel Company Finds Success In The Kitchen

Van Vacter Products meets innovation head on bringing cool new design features to kitchen gadgets for the Housewares market.
Dec. 17, 2007 - PRLog -- Redding, CA – Van Vacter Products, a division of Lassen Scientific, Inc. has introduced a brand new, breakthrough kitchen gadget line into the kitchenware industry. Setting themselves apart from the everyday potato peeler, Van Vacter Products meets innovation head on bringing cool new design features to kitchen gadgets for the Housewares market.

With twenty years of surgical product development under their belt, Lassen Scientific, Inc. has carved their way into the kitchen gadget market to bring new innovative designs to the kitchen. Van Vacter has transformed your everyday ice cream scoops and pizza knives into new and edgy designs bringing fun and innovation to the kitchen. Using state of the art technology and design, they’ve added saw-like features to their ice cream knife, and contrived an additional wheel to their pizza knife, bringing the first two-wheel pizza cutter to the Housewares Industry!

Lassen Scientific, Inc. has spent over twenty years designing and developing surgical products for the medical industry, and felt that by applying their expertise of precision to the gadget space, they would bring multi-functionality to a whole new level. CEO and master inventor Nicholas Webb says, “After spending twenty years designing surgical products for the medical industry, I wanted to try my hand at creating new and fun kitchen tools that would have the same precision as a surgical scalpel, yet still fun for the family to use.” Webb did just that. Since launching the company in late 2006 with his signature Avocado Knife, he has brought in a total of twelve products in 2007, each featuring its own patent pending unique features.

Webb considers Van Vacter his happy place. Every day before and after working on the latest medical designs, he creates new inventions for his kitchen line that will last for generations in kitchens worldwide.

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About Lassen Scientific, Inc.
Lassen Scientific, Inc. is a surgical product development firm who for the past twenty years has been devoted to the creation of the world’s greatest surgical scalpels used in hospitals across the nation. Recently, due to a passion for cooking gourmet food, CEO and Master Inventor Nicholas J. Webb decided to try his hand at the creation of a gourmet kitchen tool line using his expertise in surgical product development and successfully created Van Vacter Products, the best kitchen tools available on the market today. As a result of Van Vacter’s incredible success, Webb is now considered the Kitchen Gadget Guru throughout the kitchenware industry.

Van Vacter Products is a trademark of Lassen Scientific, Inc.

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