All Pro NFL player Lorenzo Neal teams up with Cops to create a one of a kind DUI Prevention Program

Safe Ride Solutions services now available to others outside of the professional sports world
Dec. 13, 2007 - PRLog -- Eagle, ID, -- Safe Ride Solutions announced today the general public will now have the opportunity to purchase a Safe Ride Solutions membership.  

Safe Ride Solutions offers an executive level DUI prevention and safe ride program in which the client is driven home in the comfort of their vehicle by one of Safe Ride Solutions drivers.  All of Safe Ride Solution’s drivers are off-duty law enforcement professionals or honorably retired law enforcement officers.  

Safe Ride Solutions service is designed to provide an option to driving after drinking, prior to drinking or a night on the town where drinking might take place.  Safe Ride Solutions interviewed hundreds of people who had been arrested for DUI and learned the reasons often given for driving after drinking was the need to get their car home or wanting to maintain the consistence or discretion of their own vehicle.

“Prior to today Safe Ride Solutions memberships and services were only offered to players and staff affiliated with NFL teams.  We are presently working with 9 NFL teams across the United States, but we realize our services are needed by professionals from all walks of life.” said Matt Mahoney, CFO of Safe Ride Solutions.

“Safe Ride Solutions is designed to and does work in the real world, said Gary Lawrence, CEO of Safe Ride Solutions. “When our clients are out for the evening and have consumed alcohol to the point they should not be driving, they call our 24 hour customer service center.  We have one of our drivers meet our client and drive them home in the client’s car.  Our service is a hassle free way to insure the client gets home safe and has their car available for them the next morning.  The confidentiality that the officers are bound to is second to none.”

“I know people all over the country who will benefit from using Safe Ride Solutions and I am not just talking about pro athletes or celebrities,” said Lorenzo Neal, Safe Ride Solutions Chief Information Officer. “Confidentially and convience are a major concern with a lot of business professionals and Safe Ride Solutions offers both.”

“One of the keys to our success has been the quality of our drivers,” said Jerry Hara, Safe Ride Solutions operations director. “We are the only safe ride program anywhere that exclusively uses off duty or honorably retired law enforcement as drivers. This way our client is provided with a client who knows the city, knows how to be safe and is extremely professional.”  

Safe Ride Solutions currently operates in San Diego, Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, Cleveland, St. Louis, Missouri, Newark and New York City.

Safe Ride Solutions will begin serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, Chicago and Miami, Florida in early 2008.


For additional regarding Safe Ride Solutions may be obtained at

To schedule an interview with Lorenzo Neal or another member of the Safe Ride Solutions management team contact

Gary Lawrence at 619-459-9039  


Matt Mahoney at 208-938-4500


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