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The longest sentence in English literature from now belongs to writer Nigel Tomm. His new book "The Blah Story, Volume 4" consists of one sentence which is 469,375 words or 2,273,551 characters (with spaces) long.
Nov. 22, 2007 - PRLog -- Overwhelmingly creative, writer Nigel Tomm shocks readers with his new book "The Blah Story, Volume 4" which consists of one sentence which is 469,375 words or 2,273,551 characters (with spaces) long. The book has 732 pages.

In his most exclusive novel - "The Blah Story"  Nigel Tomm demolishes the barrier of words and meaning, giving vitality and expressive strength to the pattern of the text. It is a new way of conceiving text that frees the imagination, allowing you to personalize each and every word by your own creativity.

After developing a literary remix (also known as literature remix or remixed literature) genre in his previous works: "Shakespeare's Sonnets Remixed" (2006), "Shakespeare's Hamlet Remixed" (2007) and "Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Remixed" (2007); Nigel Tomm continues his experiments in literature with "The Blah Story".

"The Blah Story" will probably go down in history as Nigel Tomm's masterpiece. And deservedly so. In "The Blah Story, Volume 4" Nigel Tomm introduces literary phase-shifting, i.e., allowing nearly identical phrases at slightly differing lengths to repeat and slowly go out of phase with each other.

Nigel Tomm's literary phase-shifting minimalism is made dazzlingly entertaining in "The Blah Story, Volume 4," which is made persuasively engaging textures from repeated phrases in the novel. All "The Blah Story" is based mostly in steady pulse, stasis and slow transformation, and often reiteration of textual phrases or smaller units such as paragraphs, sentences, and words (with over usage of the word 'blah').

Traditionally, the longest sentence in English literature has been found in James Joce's "Ulysses" which contains 4,391 words. However this was surpassed in 2001 by Jonathan Coe's book "The Rotter's Club" which contains a sentence 13,955 words long. There is also a Polish novel "Gates of Paradise" written by Jerzy Andrzejewski, and published in 1960, with about 40,000 word sentence. Finally, there is a Czech novel that consists of one long sentence (128 pages long) "Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age" by Bohumil Hrabal.

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