Wiping Is Not Cleaning!

Sultan International LLC, www.sultanllc.com marketed Sultan Bidet www.sultanbidet.com for an affordable price of $25. Sultan Bidets is Hygienic, Refreshing, Comfortable, Affordable, easy to use and easily attaches to any toilet.
Sultan Bidet
Sultan Bidet
Nov. 15, 2007 - PRLog -- WIPING IS NOT CLEANING!
BIDET (bee-day) is a form of bathroom fixture that allows the person to wash intimate parts once finished using the commode. Sultan International LLC, www.sultanllc.com  marketed  Sultan Bidet  www.sultanbidet.com for an affordable price of $25.  Sultan Bidets is Hygienic, Refreshing, Comfortable, Affordable, easy to use and easily attaches to any toilet.
Dry wiping leaves a residue that allows bacteria to flourish, resulting in the possibility of infection and irritation. Water rinsing prevents these risks! It is much more pleasant and comfortable to rinse your body, than using your hands and toilet paper! Wiping with a toilet tissue is not a real cleansing; only a rinsing can gives 100% cleaning and the feel of cleanness! Most of the Sultan Bidets users feel using Sultan Bidets is more sanitary than toilet paper. Most people who have access to a bidet usually use both, washing with the bidet then drying with toilet paper. Sultan Bidets are very useful for the elderly or anyone with mobility problems and for people with hemorrhoids.
Bidets are common bathroom fixtures in some European countries (especially  Turkey, Greece, Italy , (where practically all the houses and hotels have it), Spain , France and Portugal), some Latin American countries (especially Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Venezuela; there they are found in approximately 90% of households), the Middle East and some parts of Asia (particularly in Japan and South Korea). Residents of countries where the bidet is found in almost every private residence, find it difficult to change their habits when they travel in countries where bidets are rare.  Sultan Bidets transforms any toilet into A BIDET!
For more information and to purchase Sultan Bidets visit www.sultanbidet.com

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Sultan Bidet has been one of the leading companies promoting the health benefits of the bidets. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our customers. Sultan Bidet distributes the finest quality bidet products at the lowest possible cost. Our products are 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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