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"Necessity is the mother of invention!" An age old saying that applies to the method to pay down your home mortgage years early and no extra money out of your budget. Learn what I found out after the original "Mortgage Buster" article was published.
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Nov. 11, 2007 - PRLog -- The fact is, the laws and the financial vehicles necessary to drastically reduce your mortgage interest and therefore hyper accelerate the equity in your home already exist and have been in place within the American banking system for years. We everyday Americans simply did not piece together how saving tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest over the life of a mortgage loan was possible.

The fat cat bankers knew all along it was possible to save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage interest over the life of a loan. Do you really think the bankers were motivated to tell us how to drastically reduce our debt service? Nope, in fact, it took the ingenuity of an Australian to see it within his countries banking system and then fettered out how to accomplish it within our own.

I call him "Mr. Ground Zero" because he wrote the original algorithm that created the software he calls the "Mortgage Eliminator System". Actually a very simple program, all that the "Mortgage Elimination System" (MES) does is apply the mathematical model known as "compounding". Whereby, within any or every given month, the more you keep the average daily principal balance of a loan as low as possible the less interest compounds against you and the MORE that equity builds or rather compounds in your favor at an accelerated rate calculated from each existing monthly mortgage payment as originally agreed.

The how to set this up is the interesting pudno thing. AND, just so you know, if you wanted to accomplish all of the steps necessary to rapidly reduce your debt service without the aid of a software program it is possible to do so. The "Mortgage Elimination System" (MES) software is like any other software in that it makes doing what you can do by hand easier, faster, and more manageable. And that's it.

Mr. Ground Zero’s name is Harj Gill. He holds a masters degree in Education from the University of Australia. His special area of study was Organizational Planning and Change. The reason I brought him on my radio show is because he contacted me after my original show was produced and my subsequent article was published. Mr Gill shared with me the fact that there are several “Copy Cat” companies who have…..let’s say it politely….they "gleaned" his program and are now calling it their own as well as charging people more than 10 times what Mr. Gill charges for the usage rights to the original program. Yep, by following my articles, radio show, and free membership in my project web site, I can help you save thousands of dollars on the cost software too.

I have created a page that contains much more information such as FAQ’s and some comments from a few financial experts about the "MES" software program as well as a portal link to order the program if you wish. To listen to the archived show go to and listen to the show titled, “For Your Financial Health”. For deeper information about saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on mortgage interest, go to become a free member and then click on the link, “accelerate your equity”.

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