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Green Program Anticipated to be Major Event for Bedding Manufacturer and Public
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Nov. 8, 2007 - PRLog -- As the American public becomes increasingly aware of the need for recycling and green manufacturing processes, one mattress manufacturer, eMattress, is taking the lead by announcing a mattress recycling program. This program will make it possible for owners of an eMattress memory foam mattress to have their old beds picked up at their homes and recycled, rather than being forced to let these items cause environmental problems in local landfills.

More than 63,000 mattresses are disposed of every year and they end up in American landfills. Because of the considerable size of these items, mattresses are the single greatest factor in pushing landfills to capacity. Each mattress takes up as much as 23 cubic feet. Clearly, a recycling program is called for: only eMattress has, thus far, been able to implement a program making this possible.

Any memory foam mattress purchased from eMattress can be returned to eMattress for dismantling and recycling. EMattress, which is an original manufacturer of memory foam bedding, will break the mattress down into its original components and recycle the materials safely and in an environmentally sound manner. From the owner’s perspective, recycling the mattress is easy: a phone call to eMattress results in obtaining a recycling RA (return authorization) number. EMattress will arrange for the pick up of the mattress and handle all the work. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling fees, but the consensus of early adopters is that this is a worthy investment in the environmental cause.

Studies have indicated that many local landfills receive as many as 300 old mattresses and box springs in one day. This is a vast amount of material which, if extended from head to toe in a line, would stretch for more than a third of a mile. One day’s worth of bedding is a lot; imagining years’ worth of this and it’s clear that a better solution to bedding disposal is necessary. Mattresses are bulky and difficult to recycle, but there are solutions available to the consumer.

EMattress has always used natural mattress covers, relying on materials such as 100% natural virgin Australian wool, which has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-dust mite properties; another material used in mattress covers, Innofa, is manufactured in part from natural bamboo. Not all companies operate with the environment firmly in mind, but eMattress has made the brave choice to forge ahead with its recycling program because it knows that its clientele already leans toward the green. EMattress is proud of its customers for being so environmentally aware, and it is proud of its ability to offer this extended service to loyal memory foam mattress users. For more information on eMattress’s recycling program, please visit or contact eMattress ( by telephone at 1-877-234-5614.


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