6 Tips for What to Do If Your Child Is Arrested.

Nothing can cause more stress for a parent than when your child is in trouble. Here are 6 steps to follow to help guide you.
Nov. 7, 2007 - PRLog -- 1. Don't panic! This can be a very scary time full of fear, anger, and confusion and you will need to resist the urge to accuse or place blame at this time. Having a child accused of a crime is an emotionally traumatic event and in order to prevent being overwhelmed by the criminal justice system you will need to remain calm.

2. Determine if a bond has been set or when it will be set. Don't insist on knowing the details right away, at this point your child will probably be reluctant to tell you anyway. Ask to speak with the officer or clerk to find out what he is charged with, whether a bond has been set, and if so, what the amount is. If no bond has been set, find out when a bond will be set.

3. Encourage your child not to waive their rights to remain silent or to legal counsel. Tell your child to remain calm. Let them know you are working to get them out of jail. Remind them of their right to remain silent and tell them to use it! The days of explaining the situation, apologizing, and going home are long gone.

4. Bond the child out of jail if possible. Resist the urge to "teach him a lesson" by leaving him in jail. Leaving anyone in jail until the case is resolved is rarely a good idea. Getting a child back to school or work so that they can help defray their legal expenses, can be an important factor in mitigating any damage the child has done to himself or herself.

5. Retain competent legal counsel. Be prepared to spend some money. You are protecting the investment you've already made in your child. Resist the temptation to allow your child to be represented by the public defender. While no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of any case, a competent, experienced, and creative criminal defense lawyer will be worth what you pay for him or her.

6. Support your child as they go through "The System". Criminal charges should never be taken lightly. A conviction remains with a person long after the fines are paid and any probation or jail time are served. Innocent or guilty, your child needs your support, monetarily, emotionally and even spiritually. People make mistakes. Young people make lots of mistakes. Some mistakes are more serious than others. Even if your child has been guilty of a crime it doesn't mean they are going to be a criminal for the rest of their life. It means they need the help and assistance of a competent criminal lawyer. Do not be afraid, ashamed or hesitant to call one.

Having a child in trouble is a very traumatic experience for any family to go through. Following these simple steps can help guide you get through this tough time.

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