New Ozone Test Kit For Worker Safety In The Bottled Water And Food Processing Industries

Ozonated water is becoming the preferred way of disinfecting in industries that include: water bottling; dairy producers; meat,poultry, and fish processors; and wineries.
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Oct. 27, 2007 - PRLog -- GARY W. SHORT


GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA –Vistanomics, Inc. through its President – Gary W. Short – introduced at the World Congress on Ozone and Ultraviolet Technologies held August 27th. in Los Angeles  the availability of its latest ozone detection kit.   Known as the Eco Badge® Kit V.4 it is designed to measure ambient ozone concentration levels in the most humid of environments.  

Ozone is fast becoming  the preferred disinfectant in the food processing industry.
Already, widely  used by bottled water companies, food processors are discovering its benefits as well.  Ozone generators inject high levels of ozone into water which is then sprayed on floors, ceiling, walls, machinery, and food.  Currently, worker exposure to ozone is measured by either fixed monitoring stations which are limited to the immediate area they cover or expensive, and cumbersome hand-held sensors.  Off gases (the ozone that escapes from the water) can do permanent damage to the worker’s respiratory system.   Once these unhealthy levels are determined, the plant safety manager can take steps to remedy the situation by increasing the ventilation in the area; or adjusting the level of ozone injected into the water.

Hand-held sensors are awkward to use.  They cannot be held by the worker who is spraying the area with ozonated water.  An easier to use, and less expensive method is needed.

The Eco Badge® Kit V.4 is easy to use.   It clips to the worker’s shirt or jacket leaving both hands free to work.  It gives both one-hour and eight-hour readings in a range of 0.025 to 0.120 ppm with ± .06    The Eco Badge® V.4 will  detect ozone in areas that monitoring stations will not and is more sensitive than hand-held sensors.

WATER VAPOR does not get into the V.4 test chambers but the gaseous ozone does.
Inside the chambers are chemically treated Test Cards that change color when ozone is present.  The cards measure one-hour and eight-hour  levels.  On the backside of the holder  is an easy to read color chart.   This chart allows  the user  to determine the concentration level   by comparing the Test Cards’ color change to the chart.

Protect your workers and your business.   The OSHA permissible exposure level (PEL) for workers exposed to ozone is 0.10 ppm, time-weighted average over an 8-hr day, 5-days/week.  

Available direct from Vistanomics, this unique technology is available as of 10 September.  $129.95 for the kit which includes the waterproof Badge Holder; twenty (20) Test Cards; and instructions.  One month refills (30 Test Cards) are $69.95 (.)  Why spend $2,200 for a hand held sensor when you can get the same accuracy for $129.95
Eco Badge® Kits are used throughout industry.   Manufacturers of ozone air purifiers include them with every unit they sell to assure their customers of product safety.

Eco Badge® Kits have been used by schools and universities to teach students  about air pollution since 1992.   In 2001, Vistanomics introduced a hand-held optical reader that it developed for NASA.   The Device known as Zikua® (Swahili) for “Visualizing the Invisible”,  Zikua® (pronounced Zee Koo Ah) enables the user to obtain precise readings of ozone from the exposed Test Cards.  

Rip G. Rice of Rice International Consulting Enterprises) says of this new technology (the Eco Badge® Kit V.4)  " sounds very promising".


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