Jena 6 Crying And Weeping: The Sages Look On

The world looks on in disbelief regarding the unique racial indifference in Jena, Louisiana God who sees all frowns as His people still cherish things ungodly and shun love.
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Greetings Brethren,

Peace be unto you. As the world looks on the United States is on the brink of an immoral crisis. However those in denial of the righteous attributes that God willed to all of humankind are not exclusive to these western shores. So as the world looks on in disbelief regarding the unique racial indifference in Jena, Louisiana God who sees all frowns as His people still cherish things ungodly and shun love.

We come inspired by Almighty God called and commissioned as representatives of the Prophets, Apostles and Christ Jesus the Savior of all of humankind. Thus blessed with the sight to see yesterday, today and some of the days to come as always cherishing the way of the Wind.  Therefore we report that many feel the weeping has not yet come upon us, as a lost people know not how to cry.

So sad are these days, as the clock is not turned back as it has never moved forward. However gone are the days when economic greed invented and established economic and social theories to justify the enslavement and kidnapping of the people from “The Land of the Blacks.” Along the fertile shores of West Africa many of the Chiefs, elders and leaders wallowed in greed as they traded their kinsmen for trinkets and temporal pleasures from those that came trading in human flesh.

But some say the weeping did come, as the people that were placed upon the big boats did not return. Those that held them like fish in a can cried, but in joy as greed captured them body, soul and their Spirit became tainted with the burnt ashes of the pagans that looked to things heathen.

Greed still rode an ugly ungodly horse as those left in the wasted cotton fields also looked to the Judas branch and cherished silver trinkets. Many of these captives were confined to the big house where they worked and waited on the managers hand and foot. Many of these house folks also sold out their kinsmen for survival as many argued and cried they had no choice.

Meanwhile the slave preacher often invented and called by the plantation manager also held out his hand. Greed now rode on anything that would carry it. As the big guns and cannons stopped the smoke cleared and the physical chains were broke and many of the previous inhabitants of the camps called plantations wandered throughout the land.

New found freedom caused some to panic and know not which way to go. Meanwhile their hearts and minds were up for grab. The vultures did not rest as many moved in to exploit the economic potential that was still there even though the system of an exclusive agrarian economy had given way to what some would call an industrial revolution. There was also the coming revolution of the assigned Negra Straw Boss (for the record the NAACP forbids anyone to use the N word as these first charlatans were called).

So now greed was riding a Ford, as the Cadillac was not yet invented. So on both side’s economics preceded racism, hatred, discrimination, bigotry and White and Black Supremacy. However racism did not originate from a confirmation of Black inferiority. Racism came from the confirmation of greed and Black people became and economic need. Thurgood Marshall and his cronies had not yet arrived to plead the flawed and untimely reality of Black inferiority to the Supreme Court yet. As they did not speak for neither this writer nor my people but to the same people that now carry out acts of Black on Black discrimination.

So if the Jena 6 is the spark that will ignite and launch the New Civil Rights Movement it will also cause a change in direction and Leadership. New leaders will not discriminate against their own people. Let the record clearly show that those that cry out loudest for Civil Rights for the down trodden Black masses that also commit acts of discrimination against other Black people are some of the lowest humans in existence. My beloved brother Peace be unto him would say,
“The Straw Boss Negroes are lower than frogs bottom.”

Beloved just how low will they go? The way of the world is up are down. However it is written that we all have a choice. There is no peace or comfort low down however there is everlasting Paradise up with the angels and birds that fly.

Peace and Paradise Carl A. Patton a willing slave of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 22 September 2007 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

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