London's Ladies Get Their Hands on Personal Dietitians and Cell Phone Diets

Stop bragging about your Personal Trainer. A Personal Dietitian is the latest symbol of understated success. Leading clinics in London are now providing personalized cell phone diet and fitness services direct to their clients. The PD is the new PT.
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Aug. 23, 2007 - PRLog -- It seems that the era of the Personal Dietitian has arrived.
Several London dietitians such as Form.Me.UK use a system called V-Clinic to provide personal advice and 24/7 assistance to their clients using the web and cell phones. Jenny McKay, a 28 year old solicitor living in Chelsea is a fan. "I've been on a Cell Phone Diet for 2 months now. My Personal Dietitian helps me to manage what I eat every day. She figured out exactly what foods were causing my weight gain and monitors my diet every day. It's actually quite good fun. If I eat too much pizza over the weekend I get an SMS or a call from her putting me back on track. I really needed someone to help me as I wasn't able to do it on my own."

With Wirefile V-Clinic, the dietitian or personal trainer sends a cell phone diet application direct to your cell phone. The dietitian sets up a personalized meal and fitness plan online that is sent to your phone every day. The dietitian also sets up personalized daily minimum and maximum nutrient limits or daily activity targets for you that are also sent to your cell phone. For instance, if the dietitian sets a daily maximum calorie limit for you of 2100 calories and you eat 2150 calories, you will be warned by the cell phone application or by an SMS from your dietitian. Believe me, you'll think twice before you eat that next danish.

Your data is automatically sent from your phone back to your online account where it can be analyzed by the dietitian. For instance, V-Clinic can tell the dietitian which individual foods are generating most of the your calories or any other nutrient for that matter. V-Clinic monitors the intake of over 70 nutrients and vitamins such as calcium, protein etc.

Two way SMS is also available that enables the dietitian or fitness expert to send motivational or feedback messages. You can reply back to their health professional via SMS also if you feel like telling him to 'go to hell' after you've eaten your last 6 chocolate qmtgg bars. I trialled the system for a week and actually found it a lot of fun. It's a bit like your mother telling you what you can and can't eat but the really big upside is that it's not actually your mother. It can get a bit addictive but I guess you can always turn your phone off.

CEO of Wirefile, Carl Kiernan, states, "We believe the cell phone diet market is really starting to take off now after many false starts. We think the key is to make the technology widely available to health and fitness experts who can use it to provide a truly personalized service as opposed to the big online diet and fitness businesses with their 'one size fits all' approach. Cell phones are much more convenient and personal than the web. Of course V-Clinic works on the web too. In much the same way as people now take Personal Trainers for granted, V-Clinic has now made the Personal Dietitian a reality."

Wirefile V-Clinic is used by dietitians and fitness experts in Europe, North America and Australia and it works on over 300 of the most popular cell phones worldwide.

To find your nearest provider go to or contact Anna King at LifeSparks PR.

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About Wirefile™.
Wirefile  is a leader in the provision of on-line and cell phone nutrition systems and services. Organizations use Wirefile's turnkey solutions to open their own on-line and cell phone nutrition and fitness clinics. Wirefile's clients include health portals, fitness corporations, slimming corporations, health providers, network operators, food corporations and sports organizations.


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