Eyelash Extension Misconceptions - The Truth About Safety

Get the real story on whether eyelash extensions can damage your lashes.
By: Billy Lowe, Professional Lash Stylist
Aug. 9, 2007 - PRLog -- Properly applied semi-permanent eyelash extensions do not cause damage to natural lashes. Virtually weightless, these single synthetic strands are designed to be applied one by one to natural lashes, however the right technique and training is absolutely crucial to a safe and beautiful application.

According to experts at the leading eyelash extension company Xtreme Lashes™, situations where damage has been or can be done to the natural lashes are typically caused by one of the following unfortunate scenarios:

1. UNQUALIFIED professionals who apply semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  Most reputable eyelash extension companies, like Xtreme Lashes™, will tell you they feel it is irresponsible to sell professional eyelash extension products to anyone who has not been properly trained.  The application process is very meticulous, requiring usage of a strong bonding, long lasting adhesive and sharp tweezers near the eye area. Only under the supervision of a well qualified Certified Trainer, can a student learn how to properly apply lashes. They learn how to position their hands, pick up the lash extension, isolate a single natural lash, and apply the lash extension safely and beautifully. In fact, a qualified trainer is trained to work with each individual’s specific needs to help him or her overcome weaknesses and utilize strengths. Even proper posture and table height is assessed.

According to Xtreme Lashes™ Assistant Training Director Laura Jones, the company’s trained Lash Stylists often see the work of an unqualified professional first hand. Many have repaired the damage that has been done to a client.  Check out the following link for an example of a poor lash extension application applied by an untrained technician:  http://www.xtremelashes.com/Newsletter/blast/badjob/bad.html.  The horrified client shown in the pictures left her initial salon crying with irregular sized lashes glued to hers in clumps.  She next spent some time searching for a professional to fix her lashes.  She found Yana Morales, an Advanced Certified Xtreme Lashes™ Stylist in Houston, TX who removed the clumped together lashes and replaced them with a meticulously applied set of Xtreme Lashes™.

2. FLARES AND ‘INDIVIDUAL’ LASHES applied as shortcuts with semi-permanent adhesive.  Flares, Clusters and ‘Individuals’ consist of attached groups of 3-8 blunt-end lashes, often with a knot at the end.  These types of lash enhancements are designed to be applied to the skin using temporary lash adhesive for short term wearing.  It has become known that some technicians are taking these lash groups and using a semi-permanent eyelash extension adhesive to adhere flares and individuals directly to natural lashes.  Applying lashes in bundles will take significantly less time to achieve a full look rather than a single lash by lash application. However this is an unhealthy method for natural lashes.  These bundled lashes are far too heavy for a single natural lash to support.  If applied to one natural lash they can break the natural lash and inhibit future re-growth.  Alternately, if they are applied to multiple natural lashes to properly support their heavy weight, multiple natural lashes will be adhered together.  Since natural lashes grow at different rates, the flares will cause faster growing natural lashes to prematurely pull out slower growing lashes from the root since they are bonded together.  This can result in permanent damage and lash baldness if done repeatedly.  True semi-permanent eyelash extensions should look just like your own natural lashes even before they are applied.  If you are having eyelash extensions applied make sure you look at the lashes before hand.  You should see no difference in appearance between the synthetic lash and one of your own lashes.

3. CARELESS ADHESION - leading to 3-4 human lashes being clumped together.  Again, this comes down to training and quality.  Lashes applied properly should be adhered one by one.  One small synthetic lash is attached to one natural lash.  If several natural lashes are adhered together because the technician has not been trained to isolate a single natural lash or is being too quick or too careless to do so, it can cause pain and, in the end, damage to the natural lashes.  The pain will be felt a day or two after application, as faster growing natural lashes begin to pull out a slower growing natural lash it is adhered to.  While not significant pain (it can be equated to a small pin pricking sensation along the lash line), it is a sign that something was done incorrectly during the application.  Properly applied eyelash extensions should be seen but not felt.  There should be no discomfort during or after application.  Not all cases of lashes adhered together as obvious at first glance.  Two single, tiny lashes adhered together may not be initially visible to you, but a trained stylist or technician will notice.  Trained professionals not only isolate a single lash as they apply, but constantly check throughout the application to ensure that no lashes are adhering together as they dry.  

A qualified, professionally trained, and highly skilled Lash Stylist will take great care during the application process to provide great results.  If you're looking for a Lash Stylist in your area check out the list of Professionals trained by Xtreme Lashes™  at http://www.xtremelashes.com/FindPro.aspx.

Before having any eyelash extensions applied, ask to see the license & certificate of your technician.

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About Xtreme Lashes: Xtreme Lashes LLC provides premium quality eyelash extension kits, accessories and high quality hands-on training workshops. The company is headquartered in Houston, TX, and provides products and training around the world.
About Billy Lowe: Billy works with the hottest names in Hollywood. He has been featured in countless publications on beauty tips and trends including Life & Style, In Style, Cosmogirl - just to name a few.  Visit www.billylowe.com for more information.

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