If I put E85 ethanol in my gas tank, it will eat it away. Myth Busted!

We are change2e85.com. We are looking to educate the public about the advantages of using E85 Ethanol over gasoline. The myths, wives tales, scare tactics, urban legends are plentiful. We would like to dispel some of these myths.
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Aug. 3, 2007 - PRLog -- MYTH: If I put E85 in my gas tank, it will eat it away.
FACT: If your car was built in the old days, it was had a lead coated, steel tank. The water in ethanol would cause the tank to rust from the inside out. So at one time, this was fact. The government mandated that all gasoline in the USA contain 10% ethanol to help reduce pollution (ethanol has a high oxygen content). This started during the Carter Administration. With advancements in technology and the need for lighter and stronger cars, automakers began using polymers, Teflon and plastics in the construction of cars and in the fuel systems. They had to make these changes to withstand ethanol in the gasoline. Remember gasohol? Ask any mechanic when was the last time they changed a fuel tank due to corrosion or leaks. They will probably answer in the 70s or 80s. So any vehicle from the 1980s and newer will be able to handle ethanol. These advancements have made vehicles considerably more durable all around. Plus ethanol processes have advanced so today’s ethanol has very low water content.
To see a list of many busted myths, please visit our website at http://www.change2e85.com/servlet/Page?template=Myths.
http://www.change2e85.com is an official distributor and reseller of Full Flex Gold E85 conversion kits. Full Flex Gold E85 ethanol converter kits work on nearly any fuel injected vehicle. It’s easy to install and operate. It is “plug and play” technology that will let a vehicle run on all gasoline, all ethanol, or a combination of both like E85.

http://www.change2e85.com  has even installed an E85 conversion kit on a 2003 Triumph motorcycle. The E85 converting process was easy and took about 15 minutes. A detailed description of the conversion process and pictures of the installation can be found at http://www.change2e85.com/servlet/Page?template=MCconversion.

E85 is cheaper, cleaner and is made in America. Ethanol is made from corn and other plants. Brazil has cut their foreign fuel dependence through sugar cane being distilled into ethanol. Brazil has been using these kits to convert their vehicles for 20 years now and over 40,000 Full Flex Gold FlexFuel converters have been sold all over the world. The converter kits are safe and the use of ethanol will not harm a standard vehicle. Don’t put E85 into your vehicle if it has not been converted. Your vehicle will not know how to properly use it which may create some issues or cause engine damage with extended use. The Full Flex Gold tells your engine how to properly detonate ethanol and creates a seamless Flex Fuel experience.

Full Flex Gold is the only E85 ethanol conversion kit that is EPA compliant. This means that it meets or exceeds the EPA’s guidelines for emissions and fuel economy out of a converted vehicle. It is also the only certified converter in Brazil.

To learn more about converting your vehicle to E85 ethanol with the Full Flex Gold, or to find an E85 gas station near you, log into our website at http://www.change2e85.com. Changing the world to ethanol one vehicle at a time.

Website: www.change2E85.com

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