ZeroEdge Aquarium announces new marketing partnership

ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp.( is proud to announce a new marketing partnership with Euro-Reef, Eco-Tech Marine, and IceCap to bring you a state-of-the-art aquarium system that is above all the others.
By: ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp.
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Aug. 3, 2007 - PRLog -- (ELGIN, IL) ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp.( is proud to announce a new marketing partnership with Euro-Reef, Eco-Tech Marine, and IceCap to bring you a state-of-the-art aquarium system that is above all the others.

ZeroEdge has always been about leading edge technology and quality. If you have never seen a ZeroEdge aquarium, the water overflows the sides of the aquarium into a channel, which surrounds the aquarium. The water flows through this channel into a drain located in the back of the aquarium and down into the sump or bio-filter which sits below the tank under the stand. This patent pending aquarium speaks for itself and is truly the HiDef of aquariums.. Built with the utmost quality, they are the most unique and breath-taking aquariums you will ever see, and it's not even custom built. We have assembled a group of manufacturers to offer the ultimate reef aquarium system.

Euro-Reef ( is a small family owned company based in Laguna Hills California. The family has been involved with the aquarium trade since 1986 and has recently celebrated 10 years as Euro-Reef designing and building Marine Aquarium Systems specializing in protein skimmers. The first US company to offer pinwheel protein skimmers, Euro-Reef continues to establish trends in the marine aquarium community with new offerings in the form of Calcium Reactors, Sumps, and various Media Reactors, cornering the market on products offering not only top of the line performance and quality, but value in the form of competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.

IceCap ( has been in the aquarium lighting field since 1991. An icon in the hobby, IceCap has built their company with unmatched customer service and it's flagship product the IceCap Electronic Ballast. Their products were way ahead of their time and still remains #1 in electronic ballasts. They have put together several perfect lighting package deals offered exclusively by ZeroEdge. When used with the ZeroEdge Lamp Tree you will enjoy a seamless delight.

Eco-Tech Marine® ( , a manufacturer of hi-tech and innovative products has changed the way we think about powerheads with its VorTech™ propeller pump. With the motor outside of the aquarium and the propeller magnetically coupled through your aquarium’s glass, this pump offers low heat output, energy savings, and the broadest flow pattern available anywhere: one pump can produce a wave of flow nearly 36” wide. But this is just the start: EcoTech Marine’s Triton Protocol™ for wireless communication between your aquarium products will further revolutionize the way we set up and control our reef tanks. Expect Everything. ZeroEdge has designed a three-sided solution to accommodate the VorTech™ propeller pump for those who want to achieve the beauty of a ZeroEdge tank with unprecedented flow that will support any corals or clams desired. You can have it all.

All companies share the spirit and drive to be the premier providers of long lasting aquarium products in the hobby. Packaged together, you will have the perfect tank everyone will envy.

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ZeroEdge was born out of my passion and interest in coral reefs.  In ’03, I designed the ZeroEdge Aquarium to display coral at the IMAC -Chicago trade show .  I wasn’t planning on selling aquariums, but there was a lot of interest from colleagues and fellow hobbyists. So I went to work– building countless prototypes and making numerous refinements to increase its functionality– and I believe I’ve come up with a product that showcases reef life like no other aquarium.


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