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An overview of the Christmas in Panama by a local Panamanian.
By: Panama Marine Group, Inc.
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Aug. 2, 2007 - PRLog -- The Republic of Panama was originally developed by foreign cultures and mixed with native Panamanian Indians of which groups are divided into seven ethnic groups.

During Panama’s Colonization there was mix of Spanish people with Indians (1400’s) that introduced the Catholicism in the country. The development of churches were rapidly introduced and spread all over the country creating a sense of Catholicism.

After a period of time, groups of different ethnic groups (Hindus, Arabs, Chinese, French, US citizens and others) were introduced in the country with plans to build a railroad from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific coast of Panama.

The idea started from the Gold Rush needs in the US. People from the US were traveling from the East Coast to Panama passing thru the Gulf of Mexico by boat and into the Panamanian Atlantic Coast. Indians in the US were aggressive on people that were crossing over to California in the search of gold by land.

When the railroad was completed, the Panama Canal started construction bringing and more masses of foreign people who migrated this way. It is still today an increasing factor in the country and can be seen with its 1st world development. Panama has over 150 new luxury condos being built and there are more foreign people coming in to retire or reallocate as of 2007.  A good source for the Real Estate market is

For us Panamanians (Spanish / Indian mix), Christmas is something to do more with family, religion and figures like Santa Clause / Pine Trees are present but not as particular or important as other countries. The Panamanian culture tends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, family / friendship in a very serious manner leaving behind the importance that others have for buying material gifts. However, we all tend to really like them “Gifts”. Furthermore, there is a type of friendly competition among neighborhoods to see who makes the best birth nativity display for Jesus.  

Dinner is prepared and based on “Tamales, Chicken Rice, Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Pork, salads, wines, Rum Punch, etc”. At mid night gifts are given to each family member and in some occasions people rather wait until the next day to open them.

High end Panamanian families tend to travel to their beach houses with their entire family and sometimes close friends. Middle income families tend to do the same or in some cases “house hopping” is their option.

Areas in Panama City such as the Banking district (Obarrio, Calle 50 and Marbella) are recommended to see in order to appreciate the beauty of high income entity nativity displays.

We encourage Panamanian families, foreign people and any ocean lover to experience a new way of the Panamanian Christmas celebration.

Our offer is a selection of over 30 Charters, Yachts, Boats, and Sailboats to Charter for Christmas!

Navigating and fishing in areas of the Panamanian waters such as, The Pearl Islands, Bocas Del Toro, San Blas, Montijo Bay is a very special, fun, different and private way to spend Christmas in Panama with your friends and most loved family members.

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