The Lead Tree LLC Is Offering Its CRM To The Public

The Lead Tree will be offering its CRM to the public. This web based CRM is perfect for tracking mortgage leads from start to close.
By: Jeff/TheLeadTree
Aug. 4, 2007 - PRLog -- Yes, this software is 100% free! With our free lead management software you can effortlessly upload your leads and instantly acess them from anywhere in the world. Our software uses a Microsoft SQL datbase to ensure superior technology and cutting edge security. Furthermore, The Lead Tree LLC. guarantees that your leads, as well as your personal information, will never be shared with any other company.


This free mortgage CRM is perfect for tracking your leads from the initial prospecting stage all the way through the final closing process. Efficiency is the key to production. Leads are easily organized and can be assigned to individual loan officers with the simple click of a button. What's more, the leads can be automatically distributed electronically troughout the office via e-mail or simply printed out.

How can it be free...

We are not ashamed to admit that good-will is an extreamly effective marketing devise. That being said, our software solutions department was created from our own logistical necessities. We currently use the same software platform to manage and distribute thousands of telemarketed mortgage leads to our customers. Since we already have this infrastructure established for our current customers, it costs us nothing to offer the CRM to the public. As for you, you pay nothing, so your ROI approaches infinity.

We are the premier source for criteria screened exclusive mortgage leads. While internet mortgage lead generation has been poised as the wave of the future, we believe in the tried and true method of good-old-fashioned telemarketed lead generation.

There are countless advantages to telemarketed leads.
Internet mortgage lead generation may cost less, but these “cheap mortgage leads” simply do not convert.  The spoils of  internet mortgage lead generation only result in a closing about 3% of the time.

Even some telemarketed leads are not what they appear to be.  They may be the proverbial “wolf in sheeps clothing.” Some companies simply buy $8 internet leads and phone verify them.  The homeowner may not even be interested in a refi.  These leads are often generated from consumer surveys and sweepstakes.  In a sense, the lead is tricked into giving up their information.  This is no way to begin a relationship that may last for decades.

The return on investment of internet mortgage leads pale in comparison to our exclusive telemarketed mortgage leads.
In fact, our exclusive telemarketed mortgage leads boast closing ratios of 13-20%. Cheap mortgage leads are worthless unless they are also quality mortgage leads. Telemarketing closing ratios are at least four times more effective than internet leads.

Telemarketed mortgage leads are more effective and easier to close than internet leads. We can actually transfer a live mortgage lead to your office. Think of the advantages of receiving a live mortgage lead. You receive the lead while the homeowner is actually thinking about refinancing and not in the middle of cooking dinner or dealing with their kids.

The homeowner leads have already given our telemarketing sales agent a mini-1003. We can guarantee that the homeowner lead is interested in a refi. And since we actually brand your company name in the conversation the home owner lead will be expecting to talk to you. By the time the live mortgage lead is transferred to you, the deal is almost done.  In fact, all you need to do is close the deal!

Exclusivity starts with our data. We custom build our lists from over 20 million homeowner and financial records then scrub them against the DNC and our own strict filters. Further, our agents actually brand your company to the homeowner. This means they will be expecting to talk to you, and only you. These leads will not be resold.

Our strict criteria ensures intrest rates above 6.75% on fixed loans, loan balances above $100k, home value above $120k, LTV below 85%, no manufactured or mobile homes. As a call center that wouks for you, we are flexible and can change criteria to meet the dynamic needs of individual campaigns.

Calls are hot transfered directly to your office. The idea of refinancing is "on-line" in the psyche of the homeowner. Our agents have already collected a mini-1003 and asked if they want to speak with a mortgage professional before the call is transfered to you. The homeowner is ready to talk to you about refinancing their home loan.

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About The Lead Tree...When it is time for you to get mortgage leads, quality mortgage leads, think of us.  Our quality mortgage leads are the best in the industry.  When you get internet mortgage leads, you are getting inferior leads.  Ouit telemarketed mortgage leads boast the highes conversion ratio.  Our telemarketers collect a mini 1003 then our live mortgage leads are transfered directly to you office.  All you have to do is CLOSE the deal.


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