The Publics Call To An Immediate Cost Effective Solution To Use E85 Is Answered By Dan Lorenzo

Any fuel injected vehicle can be converted to a flex fuel vehicle in a matter of minutes.
By: Thomas Bateman
Aug. 4, 2007 - PRLog -- July 30, 2007
For Immediate Release:
In order to clarify any misconceptions or misunderstandings, Dan Lorenzo wishes to officially inform the public that he has left Fullflex International and resumed regular business operations with his original corporation, Xpertech Automotive Inc.,  which he has owned and operated since 1993.
In 2006, Dan Lorenzo, Curtis Lacey and Alex Conger were all members of a distribution team named “Abcesso”, currently known as “AutoFFV”. The trio left AutoFFV and formed an unofficial partnership under the LLC, “Fullflex International”.
Fullflex International sold E85 Ethanol Conversion Kits (aka “Fullflex Gold”) which will allow regular gasoline-only automobiles to be Flex-fuel compatible.  As head of research and development, Dan Lorenzo re-engineered the original Fullflex Gold conversion kits from Brazil so that they would work properly on American vehicles.  Dan was also instrumental in obtaining the OBD2 compliance for the Fullflex Gold product.
During his time with Fullflex International, no official contracts or agreements were made or entered into between Alex Conger and Dan Lorenzo in regard to the latter’s position within the organization.  Dan Lorenzo repeatedly asked for an official agreement that would solidify his role as a principal within the organization. Dan Lorenzo also wanted Fullflex International to enter into an exclusive agreement with WCV Tools, which would ensure that the analog Fullflex Gold technology he had developed would be secured exclusively within the organization.
After developing a digital version of the E85 conversion kit, Dan Lorenzo encountered many obstacles that prevented these products from getting to the consumer.  Dan raised these issues many times, but was unable to convince the principals of Fullflex International to accept the necessary processes that would to turn FFI into a successful multi-national corporation. Dan’s differences with the company’s principals over the future direction of Fullflex International became more prevalent as time went on and these differences eventually proved insurmountable.
Having been unable to resolve these issues, Dan Lorenzo decided to separate his interests from Fullflex International and return to operate under his own company, Xpertech Automotive Inc.  Dan continues to provide technical support for all users of any conversion kit on the market.
“I just want to offer a cost-effective environmentally friendly solution to using renewable energy,” said Dan.  Xpertech Automotive Inc. is dedicated to developing new technologies to eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels and will continue to be at the cutting edge of the renewable energies industry. WWW.ECOFLEXPLATINUM.COM

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Xpertech Automotive specializes in technologies that will further global consumers in the inevitable switch to using renewable energies.


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