Bentley – WIN A BENTLEY CAR! Bentley gt, bentley gtc, Bentley, bentley jennison, bentley london

Bentley – WIN A BENTLEY CAR! Bentley gt, bentley gtc, Bentley, bentley jennison, bentley london, bentley motors, bentley parts, bentley priory, bentley school, bentley turbo, bentley uk, bentley watch, bentley wood, breitling bentley
June 13, 2007 - PRLog -- WIN A BENTLEY:

WIN AN BENTLEY - You can win an Bentley and thousands of other prizes on With a guaranteed prize starting at £1.000, plus many more prizes up to a £ 5.000.000 jackpot, you can get the car of your dreams!

These competition is time sensitive, so go now on and take part before the competition ends! All the other cash prizes are available on a permant basis, so you can always count on your £1.000 minimum welcome prize, at any time.

Some background information about the Bentley(s) you can gbuy with the prizes awarded to winners:

1998– Arnage saloon
1999– Hunaudieres Concept
2002– State Limousine
2003– Continental GT coupé
2005– Continental Flying Spur saloon
2006– Azure convertible
2006– Continental GTC convertible
2007- Bentley Brooklands coupé
2009- Bentley SUV SUV

Background information: A group of wealthy British automobile aficionados known as the "Bentley Boys" (Woolf Barnato, heir to diamond mining magnate Barney Barnato, Sir Henry Birkin, George Duller (steeplechaser), Glen Kidston (aviator), S. C. H. "Sammy" Davis (automotive journalist), and Dr. Dudley Benjafield amongst them) kept the car's reputation for high performance alive. At one point, on a bet, Barnato raced Le Train Bleu from Cannes to Calais, then by ferry to Dover and finally London, travelling on public highways with normal traffic, and won; the special-bodied 6.5 L car became known as the Blue Train Bentley. Thanks to the dedication of this group to serious racing, the company, located at Cricklewood, north London, was noted for its four consecutive victories at the 24 hours of Le Mans from 1927 to 1930. Their greatest competitor at the time, Bugatti, whose lightweight, elegant, but fragile creations contrasted with the Bentley's rugged reliability and durability, referred to them as "the world's fastest lorries". Perhaps the most iconic Bentley of the period is the 4.5 L "Blower Bentley", with its distinctive supercharger projecting forward from the bottom of the grille. Uncharacteristically fragile for a Bentley, however, it was not the racing workhorse that the 6 L Bentley was. It became famous in the popular media as the vehicle of James Bond in the original novels, but not in any film; rather, John Steed in the television series The Avengers did drive a Bentley on-screen.

In April, 2005, Bentley confirmed plans to produce a 4-seat convertible model, the Azure, derived from the Arnage Drophead Coupe prototype, at Crewe beginning in 2006. By the fall of 2005, the convertible version of the successful Continental GT, the Continental GTC was also presented. These two models were successfully launched in late 2006.

Bentley sales have been strong in 2005 with 8,627 sold worldwide, 3,654 of these vehicles were sold in the United States. In 2002, Bentley presented Queen Elizabeth II with an official State Limousine to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. In 2003, Bentley's 2-door convertible, the Bentley Azure, ceased production, and the company introduced the Bentley Continental GT, a large luxury coupe. The car is powered by a version of VW's W-12 engine. Demand had been so great that the factory at Crewe, Cheshire, had been unable to satisfy demand despite installed capacity of approximately 9500 vehicles a year. There was a waiting list of over a year for new cars to be delivered. Consequently, production of the new Flying Spur, a four-door version of the Continental GT, was assigned to the Transparent Factory, where the VW Phaeton luxury car is also assembled. This arrangement ceased at the end of 2006, all car production reverted to the Crewe plant.

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