FDA approves natural ingredients in new non toxic cancer drug.

Triamazon therapy is the new natural approach that is wiping out 12 deadly cancers it has no side effects is non-toxic and has no other drug interactions.
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June 10, 2007 - PRLog -- Extensive research conducted on the natural ingredients that make up Triamazon have proved beyond doubt that it kills only the cancer cells while not harming any healthy cells.
Research has also proven that the ingredients in Triamazon also shows significant selectivity against no less than 12 cancers including colon lung breast pancreatic lymphoma liver the list goes on...
The research was conducted by the department of chemistry and pharmacognosy, school of pharmacy and pharmacal sciences at Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana USA.
A spokesman and pharmacologist in Purdue's research explained how this worked. As he explains it, cancer cells that survive chemotherapy can develop resistance to the agent originally used as well as to other, even unrelated, drugs. This phenomenon is called multi-drug resistance (MDR). One of the main ways that cancer cells develop resistance to chemotherapy drugs is by creating an intercellular pump which is capable of pushing anticancer agents out of the cell before they can kill it. On average, only about two percent of the cancer cells in any given person might develop this pump—but they are the two percent that can eventually grow and expand to create multi-drug-resistant tumors. Some of the latest research on acetogenins reported that they were capable of shutting down these intercellular pumps, thereby killing multi-drug-resistant tumors. Purdue researchers reported that the acetogenins preferentially killed multi-drug-resistant cancer cells by blocking the transfer of ATP—the chief source of cellular energy—into them. A tumor cell needs energy to grow and reproduce, and a great deal more to run its pump and expel attacking agents. By inhibiting energy to the cell , it can no longer run its pump. When acetogenins block ATP to the tumor cell over time, the cell no longer has enough energy to operate sustaining processes—and it dies. Normal cells seldom develop such a pump; therefore, they don't require large amounts of energy to run a pump and, generally, are not adversely affected by ATP inhibitors. Purdue researchers reported that 14 different acetogenins tested thus far demonstrate potent ATP-blocking properties. They also reported that 13 of these 14 acetogenins tested were more potent against MDR breast cancer cells than all three of the standard drugs (adriamycin, vincristine, and vinblastine) they used as controls.
The results on this research have been listed in Pubmed The National Library of Medicine and The National Institutes of Health. The reference numbers for just two of the many research results listed at pubmed are 7673936 and 8991944
A spokeman for The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) stated, this has been a long time in coming, and shows that this all natural drug Triamazon is far superior as there are no side effects no drug interactions is non toxic and safe we are delighted this breakthrough in natural alternative medicine has been born and because Triamazon is of natural non-patentable substances this means its very affordable and will be within everyones reach who has cancer.

Anyone with cancer can get the full information about Triamazon from http://www.thiskillscancer.com a service for cancer patients worldwide and partner of (ANH) Alliance for Natural Health Organisation which has a video on its website about alternative health medicine at www.alliance-natural-health.org the video is narrated by Dame Judy Dench and stars Mel Gibson.

Is a worldwide service for cancer patients and is run by cancer patients.
The service offers help and advice to all victims of cancer by people who have been there wrote the book and worn the t-shirt where cancer is concerned.

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www.thiskillscancer.com is run by cancer patients for cancer patients worldwide, the company provides vital advice and the new drug Triamazon.

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