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Paul Revere Rides will discuss the Islamic jihadist threat, our need for energy independence and why, America's growing education gap with Europe and Asia. It also publishes Calls to Action. It's Patriot America's security education source.
June 7, 2007 - PRLog -- “Americans are less secure than they believe themselves to be,” Hart-Rudman Commission report, 2000. Snap forward to 2006. Jeff Hohlstein became alarmed after reading “War Footing,” by Frank Gaffney. It was chilling and in some cases unbelievable. After doing his own research, Hohlstein found Gaffney’s book to be quite credible. And scary. He also found that the Hart-Rudman statement is truer today than ever before.

“Americans are poorly informed by the media, about the real and serious threats to the U.S.A. and our way of life,” Hohlstein stated, “This is an education about homeland security that is badly needed for Americans to make informed decisions both in the voting booths and in their personal lives. This education can’t wait for a normal book publishing cycle, so I created the Paul Revere Rides Blog to jump-start America’s education process.”

There are quite a few books that discuss threats to America’s liberty and freedoms. They are mostly written in a scholarly, often dry fashion. They cover complex and controversial subjects and are difficult reads. “I found that people with an average education usually didn’t get past the first chapter,” Hohlstein commented.

So he set out to write a book that took these complex subjects and broke them into bite sized, easy to digest pieces. Although the book is non-fiction, Hohlstein uses a unique fictional ‘hook’ to engage the reader and capture his attention. The result is a fast, easy read for concerned Americans. It has plenty of thought breaks for those on the go. The book is done but then there’s that pesky publishing cycle.

In the mean time, the “Paul Revere Rides” Blog is designed to provoke and stimulate Patriot Americans to action in a manner that will help preserve our world pre-eminence and our safety. It’s broken into eight categories:

The Patriot Introduction introduces Jeff Hohlstein and sets the stage and the mission for the Blog.

Recent news in politics: Terrorism: Covers the world-wide Islamic jihadist movement.

Recent news in politics: Other world events: Covers current events that could threaten America, that are not directly related to the Islamic jihadist movement.

The Goose Award is given for the words and actions of various people who are attempting to feed us a "crock of crap."

America's School Systems cover the growing education deficit between America's school systems and those of Europe and Asia

Calls to Action are found here. Normally opportunities to take unified action to affect legislation or encourage political change to better secure our nation.

Patriot Book Reviews are by the author and his team, of books related to homeland security and education.

Patriot Resources include links to news sources that often publish articles on world affairs and politics, along with other valuable reference tools. It’s for those who care to dig deeper.

Of course, new postings in any category are also posted to the Blog page. This educational Blog can be found at and it’s worth a visit.

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About my book, working title, "CALL TO ACTION! Paul Revere Rides Again, to Warn Americans of New Threats." It's a pithy non-fiction book filled with controversial subjects reduced to bite sized digestible pieces. The goal: Educate and motivate concerned Americans to political action for homeland security. The book is just starting through the publishing cycle. Marketing is done through my Blog at


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