Espresso like no Other and perhaps a little like Wine

Why are we limited to one type of Espresso from Coffee Roasters when wine makers offer the consumer a choice for their dollar.
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June 7, 2007 - PRLog -- Many have all been to a restaurant or shopping at the local supermarket  for espresso only to find pretty much one type from each company.  It seems, large or small, coffee roasting companies tell you this is the espresso we have and the espresso you should drink.  Why no choice? Do they know how to roast other espresso profiles or are they trying to tell the consumer, this is what you get, like it or leave it.  Is this fair?  Why should you not have the option of different types of espresso styles.

    Well, this is all changes thanks to the joint venture of Albertsons Supermarkets and a small gourmet coffee roasting company located in old town Key West, Florida. Island Joes Gourmet Coffee Roasting Company, which by the way, was founded by a father, two sons and a daughter at a gas station in Marathon, Florida a few years ago and since has become one of the top rated coffee roasters in the world.

     Joe Wells, founder and coffee roaster stated, “ I would go to a supermarket to buy espresso and the big coffee companies would offer me one choice.  Well, not everyone has the same taste buds, so what if I wanted a different type of espresso from a coffee roasting company, who I knew could roast excellent coffee beans for espresso.  Like wine, what if I was in the mood for a lighter roasted espresso, darker or even a French Roasted Espresso Blend.  We put this on our list to change for the consumer.  After all, it is our dollar we are spending.”

    The solution which took years to develop is know available at Albertsons in Plantation, Florida with plans to expand to more in the very near future.  First, you now have four choices, which cover four major roast profiles for espresso.

    Villa Espresso is a roasted and blended in a Northern Italy style, which is a light roast, meaning not like most espresso roast called Italian, which most ended up with burnt coffee beans for their espresso.  This style of espresso is found in many local neighborhood coffee shop in Italy offer you a light, sweet and clean taste.

    Shark Bite Espresso is roasted along a Cuban Style, which is dark roasted quicker than most other  espresso profile, which gives you a creamy, rich and full body with a smooth taste, but be careful, this espresso profile does live up to its name, but only in the beginning, Differently a eye opener.

    90 Mile Stretch was reviewed and rated by one of the world’s leading coffee experts and score 90 out of 100, which puts this espresso profile in the top 5% in the world ( Part of the blind assessment by Kenneth Davids, coffee, reads “Very sweet-toned aroma with floral hints. In the small cup medium-bodied and slightly lean in mouthfeel, crisp, cedary, with raisiny, licorice-toned fruit. Slightly heavy finish but excellent flavor persistence, with the fruit turning toward chocolate. Comes into its own in milk, where it is balanced and roundly rich, with deep semi-sweet chocolate character”

    Then last and not least, Black Flag Espresso, which also rated 90 out of 100 reads from Davids as “Cocoa, banana and a hint of cedar in the fine aroma. In the small
cup big-bodied, gently and sweetly pungent, with a rich, orange-toned
cedar character and cocoa notes that round toward chocolate. Rich
short finish, very slightly astringent in the long, but sweet chocolate suggestions persist throughout”

    When you purchase wine at the Supermarket you gaze upon many different selection, thus you are allowed to match your wine purchase to your taste, your mood and to the food you will being preparing. So Wells approached Albertsons and ask, “Why do you do take espresso to a true gourmet level and not just call it gourmet, as part of enjoying gourmet products in life is having the choice.”

    This was no easy task for Island Joes Coffee.  “It took us many months to get Albertsons to allow us to prove to them the consumer wanted a choice for the type of espresso they wanted.  As we begin offering our Espresso Lovers Package from our website about one year ago.  This package allows to the customer to purchase all four of our espresso profiles at once, so they may test to see what type of espresso suits their taste buds and better yet, this package allows the customer to decide, what type of espresso they would like to enjoy based upon, like wine, their mood or the type of dessert they are having or just for something different. Plus by having this type of option, the customer is learning and training their palette.” stated Wells.

     Wells concluded by saying, “We work hard on our gourmet coffee and espresso blends and they taste great to us, but we are aware, not everyone has the same tasting system in their mouths, so who are we to say, what is right for everyone, hence, we feel we have something to offer to the consumer what most other coffee roasting companies do not and that is a choice in life.”

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Island Joes gourmet coffee roasting company has grown from a gas staton in Marathong, Florida to an internationally known coffee roasting company with several gourmet blends which rate in the top 5% in the world.

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