President Becomes Living Head in New Satirical Novel

Timberline Press announces publication of "Operation Supergoose," a humorous novel by William Hart lampooning the so-called War on Terror. Superhero Lieutenant Candide is sent to avenge 9/11, but instead uncovers dirty war agendas.
By: William Hart/Timberline Press
May 31, 2007 - PRLog -- Los Angeles, CA  -- Near the conclusion of “Operation Supergoose,” a satirical novel just published by Timberline Press, the President is clearing brush on his ranch near Crawdad, Texas. Somehow he falls down a hole into a nest of copperheads! The nation is stunned, but his inner circle celebrates as cutting-edge surgery saves the part of the Commander-in-Chief they need: his lying, smirking head.

Just a sample of the humor found throughout this provocative novel, written not for everyone, as author William Hart admits: “My depiction of recent history will bother some, but so be it. I speak to those who regard our War on Terror as a disastrous hoax--and to those willing to face some tough choices.”

The story follows the adventures of superhero Lieutenant Ernest Candide, passionate to punish terrorists. Instead he sleeps with a double agent and stumbles upon dark war agendas. With reluctance, he turns against his handlers all the way up the chain of command to President Buzz Twofer and VP Chain Dickey.  

Hart, who trained in political science & international relations, spent two years researching our current wars. He ferreted out a host of dirty war secrets that will surprise most Americans as they did Candide, encouraging a redefinition and renewal of our love for our country.

Some early comments on “Operation Supergoose”:

“Muchas gracias for a great novel, William.  I hope it'll be read by all who are working for peace in our world.”
   --Father Roy Bourgeois, Founder, School of the Americas Watch

“Both as story-telling and as scathing satire, Supergoose soars.”
   --Paul McComas, Author of “Unplugged” and “Twenty Questions”

“A lighthearted, humor-filled, yet insightful novel concerning the dire circumstances the United States finds itself in today….Hart has a fine talent for grasping the big picture while simultaneously adding levity with a wink for the reader who wants the truth.”
   --Dahr Jamail, Independent Middle East Journalist

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“Operation Supergoose” (ISBN 978-0-944048-38-2) is a trade paperback distributed by Ingram and by Baker & Taylor to bookstores and online booksellers in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. Author interviews, speeches, or signings can be arranged by contacting the author directly at or by contacting his publisher, Clarence Wolfshohl, at


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