Asia's First Social Cause Networking Website

Asia's First Social Cause Networking Website
By: Bechums
April 24, 2007 - PRLog -- If it is Social Networking with a meaning you are looking out for then wait for the soon to be released
Yes,it is planning to redefine Social Networking to Social Cause Networking.Here the concept of Social Networking will be used to carry on charity deeds.So next time your single scrap could mean education to underpriveleged anywhere in the world.And yes surprise! surprise! This website is from India.So watch out for this new concept.
What is this Bechums???Bechums is a Social Cause Networking Website.Social Cause Networking means we use Social Networking for a good cause.The Concept here is very simple,It is a known fact that websites make money by hosting advertisements.More members a website has...more money they earn.What have you done is made the firm dance to the bank.What if this money earned by the site is used for feeding a Poor child,Spreading Aids awareness and helping Aids affected patients???That is exactly what Bechums does.We will give out 70% money earned from advertisements in our website to organizations working on these missions.Now what is your contribution here?We are not asking any money from you....All we need you to do is keep this website alive by spreading this website and asking your friends to join this website,as more the members...more will be the advertisement deals.What about the remaining 30% of the money earned from the advertisements? We will use the same for paying out our Hosting bills.So what are you waiting for.....Have Fun with a meaning.....Remember your Single blog article or scrap could feed a Hungry soul somewhere in the world.....


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