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Nigel Watson searches cyberspace for the truth about UFOs and aliens.
By: Nigel Watson
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April 20, 2007 - PRLog -- The recent online release of UFO documents by the French, National Space Studies Center (CNES) attracted so many visitors that it crashed their website within 3 hours. However, there are plenty of other official government UFO files available to the public that are less well-known.

Nigel Watson takes a look at some of the major UFO archives available on the Internet in the latest edition (No 5, April 2007) of the British, Beyond magazine. His article "Government UFO Files: What do they really believe?" shows that the United States of America hosts the most official websites that contain large amounts of UFO documentation. They include sites run by NASA, the FBI, the US Navy, the US Defense Department, the CIA and the National Security Agency.

Nigel Watson says that "One of the most useful US websites is the Project Blue Book archive ( Through the work of civilian researchers and groups they have put online the files from the United States Air Force's study of UFOs, Project Blue Book, which ended in 1969. The project includes official reports from the very early days of UFO research, newsclipping files along with sighting reports and investigations. They obtained 90 microfilm rolls of Bluebook files and so far about 12 are online, this still amounts to far more than most UFO websites. The great thing about the site is that it is relatively easy to search and it tells you a lot about how the Air Force dealt with the subject in the 1950s."

Official British files have been steadily released by the Ministry of Defence ( This site includes their extensive study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, code-named Project Condign as well as recent UFO reports.

Canada, Spain, Chile and Peru have all released official files and investigations. Though as Nigel Watson points out:

"It is rather frustrating that none of these websites contains outstanding evidence for the existence of UFOs or visitors from outer space. There are no reports of the recovery of spaceships containing aliens - dead or alive. Indeed, most governments and their various agencies and departments seem to be as puzzled by the UFO subject as the general public.

"Skeptics argue that the real evidence for alien visitations is hidden deep within government vaults, and that the UFO data online today has only appeared due to public demand through the application of Freedom of Information Acts and similar legislation. It seems that the more information governments release the more UFO researchers and the public want to see. They can't believe that a government somewhere on this planet, especially the USA, doesn't know the true answer to the UFO enigma. In the meantime, instead of watching the skies they are intensely looking for UFOs in cyberspace."

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