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$1.5 billion will be spent on online video advertising by 2009 - eMarketer
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March 1, 2007 - PRLog -- By 2011, advertiser spending on Internet video streams to PCs and TVs will approach $1.7 billion. – Adams Media Research

Advertising on legitimate online TV and video services will generate revenues of US$4.1billion in 2012 – Informa

These facts are useless without understanding the online media consumer’s mindset

Every week there are new statistics pronouncing the uninhibited growth of the digital video advertising market but wouldn’t you like to know how this advertising growth is likely to be achieved? Digital Video Advertising is in its infancy and advertising models are still in an experimental phase but there have been tactics that have worked and case studies that prove the success of this medium. This three-part report compiles case studies, consumer studies and relevant statistics in order to provide clear recommendations and actionable advice that can be easily implemented in your online video campaign.

Part 1 Viral Video Marketing (available now!)
Marketing with Viral Video remains an intuitively appealing but highly misunderstood strategy. Many brands and marketers would jump at the opportunity to gain millions of views for a fraction of the cost of a TV ad campaign but what is the value of this for a long-term marketing strategy? The first part of the report provides in-depth case studies tied to simple recommendations for creating, seeding and measuring viral videos that will maximise the potential for reaching the maximum number of potential customers…and keep them interested.

Part 2 The Value of User-Generated Video for Marketers
Screen Digest estimates that advertising revenues from user-generated video sites is unlikely to exceed $900 million by 2011 and will make up only 15% of the total online video advertising budget. This is unsurprising, as it completely underestimates the value of user-generated video as a marketing tool. Recent high-profile user-generated ad campaigns during the Superbowl (Doritos, Chevy, NFL) and the Oscars (Dove) have demonstrated where the value lies. It’s not in reduced costs for advertising, nor is it in improved creative. It’s about improving relationships with customers, listening to what they want from your brand and making necessary adjustments based on this knowledge. The longer-term focus of increased brand loyalty and lifetime value are essential CRM, PR and publicity tools. User-generated video is now a reality, learn how to leverage this development effectively and use it to your advantage.

Part 3 Future advertising models for IPTV and Internet Video
Advertising over IP video will be a different matter than advertising on TV. Pre-roll and in-stream advertising are broadcast advertising models that don’t sit easily with the active media consumption model common to online consumers. The range of potential advertising options online is broader, the ads themselves are more targeted and the campaigns are more measurable. Most of all, the follow-through options for consumers are much more varied. As larger media channels open up via IPTV and consumers become engaged with watching TV and video over the internet, brands have the opportunity to create new marketing opportunities by tactically and intelligently targeting their online audience.

The research is supported by conversations with key members of the Wireless World Forum database of more than 10,000 members, case studies across mobile and internet video services and in-depth analysis of consumer studies carried out over the last 5 months.

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