Reality Press Presents: Your Immortal Body of Light by Mitchell E. Gibson, MD

A fascinating true story about one man's journey from ordinary consciousness into the inner realms of his being.
By: Mitchell E. Gibson, MD on Reality Press
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Jan. 30, 2007 - PRLog -- "My name is Mitchell." Thus begins, Your Immortal Body of Light, a fascinating and true story that takes Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D. out of his ordinary consciousness and into the inner realms of his being. Dr. Gibson was Chief Resident in Psychiatry at a large inner city medical center when he began his journey, expanding his consciousness using meditation. On his quest, he actually encounters an ancient 'god of healing' known as Djehuti (pronounced Dee-jan-tee), or Thoth. Being a psychiatrist, Gibson more than wavered before accepting that he was indeed speaking with an actual entity but the experience persisted and eventually Djehuti revealed profound information to Gibson, about the formation of the soul and the causes of mental illness. Your Immortal Body of Light is a credible and highly readable adventure into the land of magic and miracles invoked by meditation. Not since the release of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century by John Jay Harper has there been such a heartfelt sharing of what it means to be contacted by a "deceased" colleague and how to apply those insights to understanding the physics and metaphysics of creation. In this book the author travels beyond the illusive veil of "reality" to bridge the gap between cultures and centuries. Dr. Gibson reveals how Words of Power invoke transformation in body-mind-spirit as scholar Jeremy Naydler declared in Temple of the Cosmos: The Ancient Egyptian Experience of the Sacred. "It is no coincidence that Thoth, the Lord of Speech, who in the Beginning uttered the primordial sounds that thickened into tangible substances and thus brought the world into existence, was also the originator of writing." That is, your world will never be the same once you put these writings into practice to create a life that is a dream come true too. Both fascinating and chilling this is not your everyday spiritual awakening story.

"Your Immortal Body of Light is alternatively a sensitive and compelling portrait of one man's spiritual and emotional journey into the unknown. The author's recounting of his personal experiences are reflected in outstanding visual sequences and dramatic character interaction that make this true story resonate with an air of authenticity that will impact audiences everywhere."
-- Lee Levinson, Emmy Winning Television Producer:

Five Stars Highly Recommended.
-- Kirkus Reviews says, "Nourishing soul food for the spiritually inclined."

One of the most sensational true stories that I have ever encountered in my lifetime regarding conscious contact by a board-certified psychiatrist with The Immortal Ones!
-- Dr. John Jay Harper, Author Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century


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