The Best Form Of Pixel Advertising You Can Possibly Get proves conclusively that pixel advertising has come of age and favors the small businessman on a tight budget, looking for good returns.
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Jan. 7, 2007 - PRLog -- Houston,TX....Ever since 24-year-old UK wunderkind, Alex Tew, figured a way to make $1 million in three months selling nothing but pixels, pixel advertising has gone through the entire gamut of perception from a very clever idea to the greatest rip-off form of advertising on the web, and everything in between.

That’s part of the natural progression of things. Every great idea has to run its course. The moment it first comes out, those who benefit the most are the ones who thought it up. It then gets picked up by just about everyone on the lookout for the “next hot idea” and they jump on the bandwagon.

It is only after the proverbial dust settles that some coherent form of marketing comes in and the idea is shaped into a format that actually makes sense for everyone concerned. is the next evolutionary step in pixel advertising. Created by native Houstonian, Edmond McGuyer, it has been designed to specifically help the small merchant operating on a tight budget, to get quality, targeted traffic that translates into sales.

Edmond’s idea on pixel advertising is really quite simple. Local merchants have the opportunity to advertise their business and location on a map. Customers have the ability to discover different merchants in local areas of interest from just one page. There are no search engine searches and hundreds of listings to go through, no opening and closing links to see where everything is and what they sell. The page is local, though some merchants who sell services can benefit from a presence there. Everything is visual. You can see your town, your neighborhood, the surrounding area and the shops and services.

The benefits are manifold: merchants advertise from the same location for a whole year for less than it would cost them to place a single day’s ad in their local newspaper. Customers are able to view all the information furnished by the merchants through a link to their website. Services can be found at a glance, online shops and websites can be visited in one click and in terms of search engine visibility, the publicity campaign of the team guarantees traffic and sales.

This is one of those ideas where you get a win-win-win scenario for everyone concerned.

In terms of web evolution, this is the cutting edge of the wave: it proves that the web’s global reach works best at a local level. As far as pixel advertising is concerned, yes, this is pixel-based because it’s a convenient way to sell, cost-effectively online advertising.

As Founder and President of, Edmond McGuyer, says “If the web was based on bushels of corn we’d have to work with that medium. It isn’t, its pixel based and that’s how we work.”

With four major cities and one dinky city called Tucson rolled out and more in the pipeline, is conclusive proof that pixel advertising has finally come of age.


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