Arterial Blood Gas ABG Analysis Made Easy Celebrates a Decade of Success

Errors in interpreting blood gas report are common anc can even be fatal. This wonderful book has been a best liked for a decade and is in its fourth run now. Celebrate with us the tenth anniversary of the first print. Go to
By: Anup Research and Multimedia
Jan. 2, 2007 - PRLog -- Arterial Blood Gas ABG Analysis Made Easy Celebrates a Decade of Success

Date Released: 01/02/2007


ISBN 0965708373

By Dr A.B.Anup, MD

From Anup Research and Multimedia

'ABG analysis is a difficult subject for many students and residents and errors in reading blood gas report are common at all levels. In some instances these mistakes can be life threatening' says Dr Anup, MD.

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis Made Easy ISBN 0965708373 starts from the very basics of various componenets of blood gas like pH, PAO2, PaO2, PaCO2, PCO2, SaO2, CaO2, HCO3, BE and much more. Physiologic basis of these values are explained followed by explanation of pathological basis of an abnormal blood gas report. Learn from this book about PaO2, PaCO2, oxygen saturation, pH. understand the basics about all these and much more. This is only the first part of the book.

Second part of the book deals with interpreting individual simple blood gas disorders including acute respiratory acidosis, chronic respiratory acidosis, metabolic acidosis, anion gap metabolic acidosis, concept of anion gap and conditions when it is high and when it is low and their clinical significance, non anion gap metabolic acidosis, acute respiratory alkalosis, chronic respiratory alkalosis, mixed disorders and much more.

Part III of the book has over 200 practical exercises on blood gases. They start with simple and then gradually become more complex. By the time you finish these exercises you will be a master at interpreting blood gases. Part IV is the summary of important concepts in the book.

The book is unique and trains you to interpret blood gases without using a chart, calculator or even a pen or a pencil. How many other books can do it? Remember, in exam you are not given access to a graph and in real life too you may need to make emergency medical decisions and the card may not be available.

This book is user friendly, comprehensive and easy to understand. No wonder it is number one book on the subject all over the world. Use this book and be the best at interpreting a blood gas a report.

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