The IBP-Based Forum in the iTech Bridge Sourcing Portal is Released

iTech Bridge Company buys a license on the Invision Power Service’s IPB tool usage for professional social networking in the portal, which focuses on information support of the global high- tech R&D and IT service sourcing market.
By: iTech Bridge
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Dec. 5, 2006 - PRLog -- iTech Bridge portal ( targets mainly outsourcing in small to mid-sized entrepreneurial(SME) niche.

“We have selected the IPB tool of the Invision Power Service because this product is one of most advanced forum applications for implementation of the portal’s objectives”, says Anatoliy D. Milner, iTech Bridge president and project leader.

To see what place IPB occupies in the iTech Bridge's overall strategy, you must understand the portal model. It is based on four professional related concepts: social networking, news and knowledge aggregation, resource marketplace, offshoring placement & consulting services.

“Usually, people meet first; then, their companies meet. By bringing professional together, we hope to bring companies together”, says Anatoliy Milner, explaining the importance of social networking in the technology sector. “Is there anything that specialits from different high-tech industries have in common? We believe there is. Among those things are the issues of career opportunities, good and bad sides of offshoring, intellectual property, marketing, project management, etc. We provide the opportunity for engineers and scientists of cutting-edge technologies to communicate with one another in a fast, effective, and spam-free environment. It is especially beneficial if professionals work for startups where everyone is responsible for everything. Here, at our portal, you can discuss the topics I mentioned, and many more, some of which may or may not even relate directly to your profession. For example, you can change opinions about new movie you saw or a book you are thinking of reading”.

The iTech Bridge leader continues to talk about the next portal concept – news and knowledge aggregation. “In the world filled with facts, events, analytics, statistics, studies, surveys how do you make sure that you are not overwhelmed and that you only get information that related to you? We are turning data into information. Professionals can switch from Goggle news service to us to reduce the number of irrelevant responses. We use modern ways of news syndication (RSS stream), filtering, user generated and ranked content, news alert, timesaving format. Both content editors and users pick our news stories and knowledge items”.

“In order to navigate current competitive market and evaluate correctly where the market is going to, you need reliable leads of major players on the market as well as information about projects under implementation, and available resources”, said Roman Khmil, vice-president of the prominent USA-India’s GlobalLogic, Inc., about the resource marketplace concept. “iTech Bridge helps find this type information by providing us with the database of available resources”.

“A worldwide pool of companies and professionals is useful marketing information. This type of information also allows you to narrow down your search to find exactly what you are looking for. If you know a potential partner well, you can use iTech Bridge even for small project contracting ”, Nikolay Krasnostyp, CEO of Ukrainian Center Of Information Security, and an iTech Bridge user, remarked.

“However, when the project is too big and you need to evaluate outsourcing service providers, you either choose to meet with these partners in person or you can also use the iTech Bridge offshoring placement & consulting agency. This agency specializes in finding suitable resources for your needs and can help you evaluate yours or your company experience and skills and later find you an appropriate project”, Anatoliy Milner added.

The company says that the IPB based iTech Bridge forum allows users to accomplish two tasks: main and technological. “The first task is a classical one for any social networking implementation. It is simply a communication environment”, Anatoliy Milner explains. “In all the next versions of the portal, this environment will remain to be the same. For the technological tasks, we are interesting in the IPB tool as a means for building an acting prototype of the iTech Bridge commerce edition. By using this pilot edition’s testing area, we plan to check our concept of news and knowledge aggregation as well as to gain effective feedback from our users.”

About the iTech Bridge Company
The Beverly, MA’s startup is founded by the IT specialists who have extensive computer engineering, software development, and publishing experience in both Ukraine and the United States. The company is a member of the Silicon Taiga alliance (Russia). The company’s president works also as the representative of the Ukrainian Association of Software Developers (UASWD) in the USA.


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