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We at USA-Canine-Houses have the only custom insulated Sips Doghouses, designed for your best friend. We offer Cedar Houses,Genstone Houses,Premium Sided Doghouses.Plus accessories....
By: Ines Hine / USA-Canine-Houses
Oct. 22, 2006 - PRLog -- At USA-Canine-Houses, we know how important our pets are in our lives. They are always sad to see us leave and happy to see us return home. Our pets enrich our lives to a great extent. They become part of our family and are our best friends. They ask very little from us. A place to sleep, good food and a welcome pat on the head is what they live for.

They will never do us wrong, and are always there with that wagging tail and a happy view of life. It is no wonder that here, at USA-Canine-Houses, we are concerned with the safety and comfort of our friends.

Our insulated doghouses give the utmost in protection from the freezing winters and the blazing summers. They are built with the finest materials available and are quite reasonably priced for the protection they offer to our best friends.Optional accessories can be installed that make USA-Canine-Houses the absolute best living quarters that your best friend or friends deserve.

Our custom doghouses are built using the highest quality materials in the industry. We start with select grade spruce wood framing and the highest qualityReflectix insulation on all wall, roof and gable panels. These panels are primed inside to prevent moisture penetration and sealed with an environmentally safe wood preservative on the outside.Our doghouse panels are lightweight and stronger than any other wood construction technology.

We finish our doghouses with two coats of Sherwin William's Super paint. This high quality UV resistant 20-year outdoor paint paint provides a beautiful satin sheen. Our additional insulation option brings the highest insulation value per package size in the industry and contains the following benefits:

1. Is waterproof and non-absorbent.
2. Provides Class A/Class 1 fire rated protection.
3. Provides 19 DB Soundproofing.
4. Convenient flange tabs on sides.
5. Does not mildew or promote fungus growth.
6. Does not provide nesting for birds, rodents or insects.
7. Is safe for pets as there are no fibers to breath or cause skin irritation.
8. Has more insulation value than 6 inches of common mass insulation products.
9. Reflects 97% Radiant Heat.
10. R-Value of 14.5

The optional GenStone Polyurethane panels that add an additional R-value of 3.5 to 5 depending on the exterior selected. These panels are virtually unaffected by impact damage and contain UV stabilized finishes that prevent fading of any kind. We have weather tested these exteriors in all climate conditions and the GenStone product has performed flawlessly. Some of the many benefits include:

Lightweight -
The simulated Brick, Stone, Slate, and Stucco products weigh as little as one pound per square foot.

Durable -
These products are manufactured of high-impact resistant structural polyurethane. This is the same material used in ocean aquariums and theme parks. GenStone is manufactured to endure the harshest of elements.

Authentic Look -
Here the simulated product molds are cast from actual stone so every detail of the stone's texture is accurately fingerprinted and transferred to our products.

Additional Benefits -
GenStone products increase the R-value to homes and commercial structures, as well as meeting building code requirements.GenStone simulated stone products require:
- No Painting
- No Staining
- No Waterproofing

The asphalt roofing materials used are hand applied and are backed by a 20-year warranty. Contrary to popular belief asphalt shingles CAN be applied to our roofs without a loss of efficiency because our roofs are constructed using the same insulation technology as our wall panel design.

You can be assured that at USA-Canin-Houses we would not put your pet in anything that our pets would not like first. This is not just a fact it is a promise from us to you.

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