New Image Compression Software To Reduce Image File Size While Keeping The Quality At Its Highest.

Image Compressor 5 is a software that lets you compress your JPEG - digital photo file with barely noticeable quality loss. Also features batch image resizing tool, rotating, watermarking used by professional photographers.
Oct. 4, 2006 - PRLog -- Jakarta, Indonesia - October 4th, 2006.

International Information Technology solutions provider MasRizal & Partners today unveiled Image Compressor 5 that will make it easy for everyone to recompress JPEG – digital photo file while ensuring its quality. The Image Compressor 5 also features an image resizing function, rotate, watermark and special effect functions such as blur, sharpen, edit brightness and contrast settings.

“The mission is to give digital photography enthusiasts a better way to store their digital photos. Whether it’s taken by a digital camera, scanner or even a cell phone” said Rizal Firmansyah, Director at MasRizal & Partners. “At a time when we have seen so much advancement in digital photography area, the need of storage required to store digital photos are increasing fast. Sure, there are lots of expensive Image Processing tools that can compress your photo. But none can recompress JPEG files as easy and as good as Image Compressor 5. This is what MasRizal & Partners aims, with this new Image Compressor 5 presented today, to give consumers the ability to recompress, resize, rotate, watermarks their photos easily, without the need of expensive and complicated software. The resulting compressed JPEG file will have a very good quality, and can be uploaded or transferred to any gadgets supporting standard JPEG file”

“The new software also initiates another level of image compression and processing function. With our latest image recognition and compression technique, Image Compressor can easily recompress your JPEG photo without the need for user to set JPEG compression level and preview one-by-one manually as seen in other complicated softwares. This makes all compression and image processing can be done in batch mode. With only a click of a button, recompressing and processing your photos will be as easy as zipping your files” Indra Gunawan, Director at MasRizal & Partners added.

Image Compressor is feature-packed with the following market-leading capabilities:
+ Save more photos in your hard drive and memory card, up to 10x more. Standard JPEG compatible, with very minimum quality loss you may not notice the difference.
+ Reduce upload, download and e-mail transmission time. Save more bandwidth. With up to 90% compression ratio, Image Compressor makes sure you photo can be viewed by others.
+ Make your photos compatible with popular websites instantly. Many photography, auction and networking websites limit the size of image that can be uploaded. Using Image Compressor's file size limiter, this can be achieved with a breeze.
+ Make your photo looks better in low resolution device. With high quality resize capability, your photos will looks good on gadgets such as digital photo frame, MP3 player with photo capability, cell phone and your TV set.
+ Protect your photo from illegal copying with Image Compressor's watermarking function.
+ Fix photo orientation. Convert from landscape to portrait and vice versa easily with image rotate function.
+ Process 1000 images in a single-click. Batch image processing simplify your boring task.
+ Image compression for photographers. Enhance photo quality with Image Compressor's special effect functions.

Image Compressor 5 is available for immediate download at:

Keep in touch with MasRizal & Partners for later updates and of course new products that will further enhance your business and productivity. For more information about MasRizal & Partners, please visit:


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