Next Generation Personal Tracker And Mobile Phone Allowing Connection And Powering Of Serial Devices

The PERSONAL SECURER 5.00 is a simplified mobile phone intended mainly for children and elderly people. Its applications include tracking and safeguard of children, women and seniors, of people being in remote areas, of mountaineers

PERSONAL SECURER 5.00 – Next generation personal tracker and mobile phone that allows connection and powering of RS-232 or I²C devices

Sofia, Bulgaria, September 28, 2006 PERSONAL SECURER 5.00, manufactured by Media Systems, introduces a new security concept design combined with the latest GPS technology, with extended medical, digital photography and information collecting capabilities and GPRS for wireless connectivity.

The PERSONAL SECURER is a simplified mobile phone intended mainly for children and elderly people. Its applications include tracking and safeguard of children, women and seniors, of people being in remote areas or working in a risky environment, of mountaineers; use as an emergency device for banks, military personnel, police, security personnel and adults, and as a safety device against kidnapping. It is ideal for courier companies to control the location of their employees. Due to its extended features using the USB port you may connect medical devices to it for monitoring the health conditions of people in need, multimedia devices such as digital camera, a bar code reader device or other RS-232/I2C devices. This mobile phone also serves for Automatic Vehicle Location, Logistics, etc.

The PERSONAL SECURER can operate on all continents. When connected to a computer, it can be used as GSM/GPRS modem for browsing the Internet or as GPS receiver for example for navigation in your personal car. Further the PERSONAL SECURER 5.00 contains a standard embedded application that enables GPRS and CSD connectivity via TCP/IP protocol for exchanging data between the PERSONAL SECURER and a service centre in real time on given time intervals or on demand. Configuration of the PERSONAL SECURER device can be accomplished both locally via USB 2.0 port and remotely via SMS, DATA or GPRS. The device supports all type of connectivity: Voice, SMS, Data, GPRS.

PERSONAL SECURER provides the possibility for remote firmware update (over-the-air) without even the end user to do anything from his side.

Using DTMF signal you can send and receive configuration data via voice connection.

PERSONAL SECURER 5.00 GPS part is based on latest GPS SiRFStarIII core and GPS antenna technology (20 channel, high-sensitivity core). There is realized Geofencing functionality.

The embedded 3D motion sensor can be used for generating alert conditions as well as for optimizing power consumption.

PERSONAL SECURER is delivered with standard embedded application as well as it may be used as an open hardware platform.

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