Red-light Cameras Reported Giving Undeserved Tickets – Drivers Spray PhotoBlocker

Drivers are not trying to break the law by using self-defense against red-light cameras and speed cameras. More and more traffic enforcement camera systems are being reported making errors.
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Sept. 30, 2006 - PRLog -- Wakefield, NH -- Drivers want safe roads and do not want people to break traffic laws, but they also do not want traffic tickets they do not deserve.

According to news reports from around the world, drivers have reason to be concerned that they may get a ticket they do not deserve. Many spray PhotoBlocker on their license plates to prevent the unjust tickets.

"Motorists are worried about the cost in time and money to defend themselves against unjust tickets. It is easier and less expensive to just spray PhotoBlocker," said David M. Bresnahan from

PhotoBlocker is sprayed on a license plate and does not in any way obstruct or change the appearance of the numbers on the plate to the human eye. However, the flash picture from a red-light camera or speed camera makes the numbers on the plate unreadable because the light reflects back blinding the camera, similar to the effect of taking a flash picture into a mirror.

"We want our roads to be safe, and we do not encourage anyone to break the law. But we know how frustrating it is to get a ticket you do not deserve," explained Scott. "Most drivers are good people who want to obey the law. If they have time to either stop or clear the intersection they will, but as long as cities use short yellow lights to generate more tickets motorists will spray PhotoBlocker to protect themselves," said Bresnahan.

For example, Union City, Calif. had to refund $1 million in fines improperly collected from a red light camera at an intersection with a yellow light that was 1.3 seconds shorter than the law allows, according to a news report there.

A short yellow light forces drivers to decide between running the light and slamming on the brakes, risking a rear end collision. A study by the Texas Transportation Institute found that adding an extra second of yellow time can cut accidents by 40 percent or more.

Regular news reports from around the world verify that there are thousands of drivers who get tickets they do not deserve. Despite the reports, cities continue to install more cameras, causing the driving public to spray PhotoBlocker for self-defense.

David Bresnahan

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