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The directors are delighted to announce that ( is now up-and-running. We are different from every other online recruitment operator for some simple and compelling reasons, which we list below:
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Sept. 5, 2006 - PRLog -- 1) We take an ethical stand against recruitment consultants. We do not accept that sharp practices have any place in recruitment. And rather than wait for the government to regulate the industry, we have taken matters into our hands.

2) We have developed the only online recruitment feedback system in existence. The value-adding properties of this system are:

i) Candidates are assured of timely and effective feedback after every interview that they attend.

ii) Employers are penalised by our ratings calculator if they fail to do this. Using a variant of E-bay's technology, we publish the cumulative average scores for each employer participant. These scores are published alongside employer job adverts and serve to provide candidates with another valuable means of evaluating an employer well before an interview takes place.

iii) All employers receive quantitative feedback (known as Key Recruitment Performance Indicators - KRPIs) from candidates that they interview. Candidates will only receive their feedback if they have filled out a short form (which takes half a minute to complete) that evaluates an employer's recruitment practices across various criteria.

iv) Employers will be able to build these KRPIs into their conventional management reporting systems to measure recruitment performance (e.g., effectiveness of interviewers) and thereby increase their return on recruitment spend.

v) Candidates and employers will therefore "learn" from every recruitment experience and recruitment behaviour will be changed for the better.

3) Our Recruitment Manager enables the total management of recruitment online (i.e., all of the logistical arrangements necessary to execute a recruitment process). This includes the availability of telephone-based interviews.

4) We have a distinctive branding aesthetic, which makes liberal use of some of the most slimy and scaly animals known to exist on planet Earth. We challenge the press to figure out what our branding is driving towards. Clue: the answer is in the company's name - somewhere.

5) We have lots and lots of RSS feeds just waiting to be siphoned by technology-savvy candidates who have had enough of spam and want to control their own jobs content.

6) We have loads and loads of stuff in the pipeline, including the introduction of bespoke skills-check questionnaires, web-based interviewing and online nationality and credit checking services.

7) We are a young company founded by Seymour Lightman, an entrepreneur cut from the same educational cloth as David Baddiel, Matt Lucas, Sasha Cohen, Sir Leon Britton and Damon Hill.

8) We are bold and have a distinct buzz, but most of all we wish to improve the recruitment experience for all participants. We think candidates are left frustrated and under-developed at the hands of recruitment consultants. We believe employers are labouring under a misapprehension if they think they get value-for-money from recruitment consultants. We therefore say an emphatic no to recruitment consultants.

Phone:0870 067 1394
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