Osteoporosis Free: with Peruvian Coca Leaf..?

Gean Pierre, a Peruvian boy of 5 years, immobilized, left by science and in terminal condition and recovered totally in few months, only enriching his foods with 30 grams daily of ground coca leaves, opens that possibility
By: Luis Quiroz R.
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Aug. 30, 2006 - PRLog -- The dramatic history of Gean Pierre, a Peruvian boy of 5 years, immobilized, left by science and in terminal condition with the disease of Pertes and recovered totally in few months, only enriching his foods with 30 grams daily of ground coca leaves, opens that possibility.

The miraculous treatment made in a Peruvian hospital by the nutritionist Maritza Vera, was encouraged by previous successes with other patients who cured themselves of diverse diseases like chronic anemia, depression, osteoporosis and until leukemia, only adding "flour of coca" (toasted and ground coca leaf) to their foods. The coca contains "reserpina" that regulates the pressure and forms osteoblast, for that reason acts in patients with osteoporosis, says Maritza Vera.Today Gean Pierre runs gladly, plays football and rides bicycle free already of the disease.

Maritza says the coca is a wonderful plant, every 3 months cures to you of some disease. She has been remarkable successful treating different diseases

It is not by chance that the plant has acquired a broad and diverse range of applications in the traditional medicine of the indigenous people. Its irreplaceable qualities have been demonstrated over time and throughout a vast territory. The coca leaf has established itself as the traditional remedy for treating physiological and psychological illness, and by virtue of its composition it is a powerful energy restorer for curing stomach and digestive ailments, alleviating affections of the larynx and vocal chords, preventing vertigo, regulating arterial pressure and the metabolism of carbohydrates, and even of improving sexual prowess. In his journal of 1794, Hipolito Unanue writes of "coqueros, 80 years of age and over, and yet capable of such prowess as young men in the prime of life would be proud of."

Peruvian Investigators affirm the low incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the “chacchadores” natives of coca leaves . Also the little frequency of osteoporosis and dental decays is well-known.

A very important study done by the Harvard University found that the coca leaf has a large amount of nutrients, more than other foods well known as strong ones.
Each 100 grams of leaf coca contain: : Calcium 1749 (mg), Phosphor 637 (mg), Vitamin A 10000 (iu)

In Peru the coca flour use is extending for the treatment of diverse diseases, mainly osteoporosis, arthrosis, gastritis etc. .

Coca leaf YES, cocaine NO

Coca leaves have been used for centuries as a stimulant. Pre-Incan Indians used the leaves to relieve altitude sickness (hypoxia), hunger and fatigue.


Firstly, it is necessary to stress and distinguish the fundamental difference between chewing coca in the Andean setting and the unlawful use of cocaine in the West. In a speech made in 1992 before the annual Assembly of the World Health Organization, the President of the Republic of Bolivia, Mr. Paz Zamora referred to these confused and contradictory interpretations and observed that "coca is an Andean tradition while cocaine is a Western habit"

The innocuous nature of traditional use of coca leaves and the benefits for human health were proven with scientific rigor by the most extensive study of coca ever done. This research was carried out between 1991 and 1995 by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

The concentration of cocaine alkaloid in the leaf, is very low, and therefore, ingested in natural form, it does not produce serious toxicity nor it generates dependency.

The Andean culture and the coca plant have thrived for centuries. It is ironic that this same plant that is used as a cure in its homeland is the source for so much abuse and misunderstanding in other parts of the world.

In Conclusion: Cocaine can be a curse for the humanity ...but the coca leaf can be a blessing for our health.

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