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"scott Says" President Obama Re-election Shows An Historical Political Shift Into The future

The american people voted in this historic election that will change america for decades to come that may well leave an historical postivel legacy for president obama that will be lasting in american political history for future generations

PRLog - Nov. 19, 2012 - As the world and the usa watched the  elections returns polls data and political  pundants or otherwise had no real clue where the american people heads were until we all witnessed the historic results of the exciting elections. All across america people stood in lines and waited long  hours to cast there votes .and in the end the results was that they trusted president obama to lead this nation some critics have suggested that that his election showed a divided nation with two different ideas on where the country should go my opinion is that this nation isnt divided its just intune on the realities of where we as a great nation needs to be going into the 21st century. and that we all must be one america and not divided as a nation this nation isnt intended for the tea party, the right wing, democrates ,conseratives independants, its a nation for all the peopleof all races and backgrounds no one race went to war and fought for the freedoms that we all enjoy they were of all races get it with this being said lets back up and take a look at why obama was re-elected . one reason among others is quite simple that he was able to appeal to the real america the middle class hard working main street and blue collar americans  that is struggling to survive in this recession the seniors, the very  poor,  union members,  blacks,  hispanics, asians the  young and  single women of this country, independants and even some moderate republicans who was disrespected by the tea party extremist party of  the gop they all voted for the president for different reasons but it was quite clear that the american people trusted this  president because they felt that he really cared about them and had  there and there family interests at heart, and the the presiden,t  had a focus approached message which included a well thoughtout  balanced approach to solving the vast problems in this country and showed a steady vision of where our country should be going into the 21st century they was also tied of the gop blocking every attempt this president presented to get this country back on track.  the message was postive and motivating and very straight forward and on target.as for the political pundants who said that the africans americans  would not  show up along with the rest of the democratic base on election day they was  was all wrong. from the african american view point they have really suffered real hard throughout this recession there unemployment rates is off the cliff in urban communities across this land what the gop and the tea party extremist failed to understand that it made blacks really  angry for the following reasons the outright attempt to surpress the african americans  voters right to vote that remined most blacks of out right jim crow days  and they wintessed the hate being thrown at the president and disrespect  one point in mind was the governor of arizona total disrespect by pointing her finger in the face of the free leader of the world which was disgusting  it might have helped her with her right wing extremist base but it didnt look or go over well with the american people .to tell the hispanic to self deport was a huge mistake  and also disrespectful to the hispanic population to tell the american women what to do do with the health choices and there body was stupid.to tell 47 % of the american people that they wanted hand outs and was lazy was a mistake to take away plan parent hood was a mistake .to give the richest americans as well as big business oil and banks  huge tax breaks which would not have reduced the  debt but added to it again a mistake to send a negative message to  china about trade praticies even though it had some merit was wrong you dont tip your hand and tell your adversaries your intentions up front of being elected president  that could have started a trade war. To take the medicade and social security programs and turn it into a voucher system and risk people hard earned money on the stock market was a mistake. The huge mistake the gop party and the tea party made was that they underestimated the american people in this election in the end the losers are the big money men who tried to buy the election with the huge amount of super pacs ads against the president .the tea party and there right wing extremist perfect example was akin and murdock and fla rep allen west . The tea party have taken control of the gop and the republicans let them highjack there party the american people will reject the tea party and there exterm agenda now and also in the future .the gop is at this point in trouble with the american voters how will they maintain there status while continuing to exclude the rest of america .the deep south for some reason have voted solid republican throughout the last several elections cycles some of the die hard followers is still into a civil war frame of mind and ideology and want let go well in reality this election is a wake up call for the southern states . Some body needs to step up to the plate and tell the tea party and there right wing nuts to shut the hell up and the moderate republicans may even consider just leaving the party all together or returning and putting a plan together to save the once grand ole party. The wake up call is simple there agenda want attract the majority i suspect that  within the next election  cycle the make up of voters in this country will be hispanics and people of color there want be enough white voters to elect the gop or the tea party. Whats next for the president will the gop finally come to the plate and help solve the problems of america my opinion is at this point they as a party is on the decline and is still in self denial after there trouncing at the polls  if they continue the path laid out by the tea party extremist its all over for the gop for years to come thats why its so important for someone within the republican party to really put a muzzle on the right wing extremist nuts and fast or lose the grand old party for ever i do  believe that the tea party who runs in the year 2016 if they are still around will be trounced at the polls the country wants to unite and there ideology just dont fit into the mind set of the average american at this point the gop is in complete disfunction they need to tell the right wing element of the gop to take a hike and if the moderate wing decides to return they should do so to restore the party that is willing and sincere to except all  true americans under there tent and be real about it not with token phoney concepts but true deeds as a party for the people if not maybe the gop will return in 2016 or be lost forever and if those within the party stills works agianst the president they will be thrown out of the house of representives midterm and you can bet on it the american people are fed up with the bullshit and for those republicans that keep insisting that the president dont have a man date just keep on screwing up with obstructions and they  will finally be given the real reality no the president wasnt elected because he was giving out hand outs he was elected because he presented a sincere effective message to the american people that made common sense its now time for the right wing tea party to wake up and except the fact that this president will be sucessful not only with the support of americans but its devine intervention that has played a part in his historic re -election take my word for after this historic election in 2012 the hope and change of 2008 will finally become reality for all true americans that love our country stand behind this president and unite as a great nation a united nation will survive a divided one want thats the real reality so i say to those who want except the re- election of this president tough luck just get use to it of the gop and tea party stop your finger pointing and self denials you lost this election your self because of your out dated idealogies and your backward evil thinking . and the most exciting thing about this election is the american people sent out a clear message to the powerful rich elite that they want be able to buy any elections in the immediate future god bless america the world and protect our president

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