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Can Lung Cancer & Rheumatoid Arthritis have the same root cause? "No Way, Jose", you say? Read!

Modern day physicians tend to specialize. Have we thus passed over the basic factors all ailments can have in common? Part one: The effect nutrition or lack of it can have on our health. Read about the controversy over food as a treatment.

Aug. 13, 2007 - PRLog -- "We have to face facts: Vitamins & minerals are the foundation of our health" says one MD, an internist who asked me to keep his name "out if it". It being the controversy within standard medicine over the use of alternative protocols to drugs & surgery in order to prevent, abate, or otherwise heal their patients. He (who I will call Dr Ernie) is one of a growing number of physicians who utilize alternative protocols such as acupuncture, meditation, and "nutrition" (Including supplements) to help their patients when "standard medical protocols fail to produce the desired result". And like most physicians who do use them, when asked to comment on their alternative protocols, they usually want to remain anonymous. Why? Fear of reprisal.

Reprisal from whom? Their peers for one. "My peers continually ask me if I am still using the voodoo approach to medicine", says Dr Ernie. "They persist despite the clinical successes I’ve had using alternatives, especially nutrition & supplements".

There is also more than one confirmed story of licensed physicians who lose their right to issue insurance claims because they engage in atypical protocols. Loss of insurance, especially mal practice is another fear of loss for physicians if they engage in alternatives to drugs & surgery. "What if I openly prescribe an alternative that does not work and then that patient claims to have been harmed by the alternative method? My mal practice might not cover me and who needs that"? This comment comes from a physician from south Florida who went to the point of opening an alternative clinic side to his practice and he brought in his insurance company to inspect and approve of his alternative procedures so the insurance would cover him in case of a mal practice suit. Yet, this same physician did not want me to use his name in my reports.

Then there’s fear of the pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose billions of dollars in sales of drugs when a successful alternative makes it’s way to market. All practitioners of alternatives agree when it comes to pharmaceutical companies, "it’s a matter of money and politics".

"You can’t get a patent on the aloe plant or a tropical fruit" says Doak Jenkins, President of "Healthy Systems", a company that distributes nutritional supplements that include a drinkable aloe vera product. Ironically, my research turned up the fact that "Healthy Systems" brand of drinkable Aloe has a patent on the "process" of converting the aloe plant into a safe to drink juice which Mr. Jenkins claims, "protects the integrity of their brand from being copied by a competitor".

Pharmaceutical companies evidently have allot to lose when they are up against anything from the realm of "God’s Own". Popular opinion amongst the people who adhere to the use of nutrition and supplements as a therapy maintain that if someone could patent a piece of fruit that was known for it’s health benefits, for example, then the issue over using food as a means to heal would become a mute point.

What is meant by "God’s Own"? Actual raw fruits & vegetables, herbs & plants grown in soil that has the proper nutrients in it in the first place that make their way into the fruits & vegetables, etc. If the blogs and internet special interest social groups are any measure then those who advocate a diet of "raw" maintain that "the closer you can get to consuming food stuffs right from the tree, plant, or ground the better it is for the health of the body". However, since "raw" does not seem palatable to many advocates of the concept, "juicing" the fruits & vegetables into a liquid and then drinking it has become a popular means of "raw" consumption. And this is also to say, any fruit or vegetable processed beyond juicing, for example, "pasteurization, or adding preservatives, tends to diminish the nutritional value of the fruits & vegetables" most advocates agree.

How do we know? Plain and simply by the anecdotes of the people who said they were sick & tired when they ate a "Western Culture" diet, and now that they eat "raw" they say they are no longer sick & tired.

Similarly, Dr Ernie who was quoted earlier as having "clinical evidence", continued, "I know I had 4 patients who had Leukemia. This was confirmed through the ordinary tests". "They all went "raw" in their intake of food and added a few ounces per day of a Noni fruit juice*, and a few months later, 3 of the 4 patients no longer have Leukemia, confirmed by tests". And this is just one example of a list of ailments that his patients were getting well again using variations of the Budwig** or the Gerson** diet protocols coupled with certain supplements to regain health & quality of life. Let’s hope so. Meanwhile,

The focus of the next article in the series on Nutritional Based Disorders" (NBD) is, How to identify a potential modern day NBD and what to do about them? For more information about this article and to get questions answered on this and other topics that pertain to Business, Investment, Health & Wellness, go to www.garyjamesprojectpage.com Leave me your comments and questions and I will see they get answered.

* @ Noni: Dr Ernie claimed that a specific brand of Noni worked better than other brands of Noni juice and he did tell me that brand had been pasteurized. Call me for more details.
** @ Budwig & Gerson: Drs. Budwig and Gerson were MD’s that advocated a "raw" diet as the main emphasis to prevent or abate most forms of cancer.

# # #

About the author: Gary James is not a physician. He is a writer/producer and radio talk show host. He is also an ex sufferer of Fibromyalgia (a disorder often rooted in a lack of proper nutrition) He recovered from this ailment on his own even though 5 MD’s told him that some 32 symptoms they could not identify with their tests were psychosomatic. Gary is now an advocate for workable alternatives to drugs & surgery in the health & wellness industry.

Website: www.garyjamesprojectpage.com

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